Summer Madness: Taking Care Of Your Hearing

The lockdown is going to be lifted worldwide, in a week maybe two. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be millions of people, looking to party hard, all night long, and doing the things they’ve wanted to do while being locked indoors for 3 months. Expect to hear loud music into the night, people drinking, shouting, and all sorts of summer madness. It’s a great time to be alive and enjoy life, after so much heartache. But, one of the things that we don’t realize is, our hearing gets a battering during this time of year. We’re awake for longer, we’re in clubs, restaurants and music concerts. It’s very common to develop sensitive ears if you don’t do these following things…

Sweat and germs work together

Wearing headphones for long periods of time will cause sweat to build up on your ears. Sweat builds up behind the ears too, which can lead to a foul smell. As you can imagine, when your headphones or earphones have even a little bit of dirt or dust on the speakers, this can lead to sweat and germs working together to infect your ear. Try not to wear your headphones for hours on end, or at the least, put some wet wipes in your pocket so you can clean your ears and headphones while on the move.

Party, but not too hard

House parties during the summer are moments in your life you will cherish forever. Everyone’s having a good time, you’re meeting new people and having great and memorable conversations. But there is a danger of damaging your hearing if you stand too loud to the speakers where the music is playing from. If the music is generally too loud, don’t wait for the neighbors to make a complaint, make it yourself. Turning down the music won’t dampen the party vibe, but it will save you from experiencing temporary hearing loss or tinnitus.

Going to a concert?

Music concerts will be awesome this year as so many celebrity music artists have been vocal about their support for fans during the lockdown. It will be great to see them perform in person and enjoy the late evenings being part of the crowd. But just for good measure, take some hearing loss prevention products with you. A pair of foam earplugs is a cheap but very effective option. They can also be disposed of once you’ve used them, so they’re designed to be affordable and effective for those who are traveling and need something small to carry with them. Otoplastics are a great idea to take to a music concert as they are unique to your ears and thus, far more effective.

Food festivals

Foodie festivals in London, New York, and Tokyo will begin in late June. Millions of people will be attending. If you have sensitive hearing, you should try to get to these festivals early so you avoid heavy foot traffic. You can also wear wax or silicone earplugs.

Take care of your hearing this summer, there will be a lot of energy people want to let loose. The summer madness shouldn’t take hold of you and make you forget how precious your hearing is!

What are some things you do to take care of your hearing? Let me know in the comments below!



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