Healthy Nails, Healthy Body: 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

It’s undeniable that we often forget about our nails when it comes to self-care. Who’d bite them, use them as tools, or even simply not cut them when they grow longer.

However, did you know that your nails play a significant role when it comes to your overall health?

It does— your nails protect your fingers and toes from external damage and reflect your overall health status.

In this blog, you’ll learn why nail care is important as well as helpful tips to keep them healthy. Keep on reading to find out!

Why is nail care important?

Mails may look small, but they do wonders to protect your body. Here are some reasons why nail care is important.

  • They prevent infections. When you take care of your nails, you can prevent infections such as those caused by fungi. These infections usually cause discomfort and affect the appearqnce of your nails.
  • Your nails can grow healthy. Just like your body, proper nail care leads to healthy nail growth. So keep them clean and moisturized!
  • It promotes nail strength. Through regular maintenance of your nails, such as trimming and moisturizing, you can keep your nails strong. So, you can say goodbye to nail breakage!
  • They reflect your overall health. You might have not realized it, but your nails act as a mirror for your body. The changes you see in your nails’ color, texture, or even shape can indicate underlying health issues.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Nails

Similar with how you develop a skincare routine, your nails also need tender loving care. Here are some proper nail care tips you should apply to your daily life.

1. Cleanliness is key

Did you know that regularly washing your hands is essential in proper nail care?

It is! It’s because doing so can prevent bacteria and fungi from growing under your nails. So, go ahead—wash your hands and dry them thoroughly!

2. Keep them trimmed

I know, long nails are trendy and pretty, but if you’re aiming for healthy nails, you might want to cut them regularly!


It’s because the longer the nails, the more they can harbor dirt and bacteria! So, keep your nails trimmed by using sharp clippers regularly.

3. Moisturize!

In addition to keeping them clean and trimmed, you should also moisturize your nails by using a moisturizer or cuticle oil.

This way, you can keep them hydrated and prevent them from becoming brittle.

4. Don’t use your nails as tools

Everyone uses their hands to do everything—opening cans, cleaning, writing, etc. However, did you know that doing so may damage your nails?

For example, using your nails to open cans or packages can weaken them. This increases their risk of breaking.

Additionally, you should wear gloves if you’re dealing with harsh chemicals or doing household chores. Doing so will protect your nails from being exposed to harmful chemicals that can cause damage.

5. Healthy diet, healthy nails

Your nails are parts of your body, and what you eat affects them!

To maintain healthy nails, you should eat a balanced diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin B and biotin. Here are some foods that are rich in nutrients that can keep your nails healthy.

  • Eggs
  • Almonds
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach

As small as they may seem, nails play an important part of your body. With these tips, you can keep your nails healthy and strong. After all, healthy nails not only look good, but it also signifies good health!

What other tips do you have for having healthy nails? Let me know in the comments below!



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