Sponsored Post Guidelines



One Unique Queen recognizes that the idea behind a sponsored post is to give the sponsor exposure for its product; however, all posts must be in accordance with One Unique Queen values and theme. Any post written with the intention to link back to a company site or a site that sells something is considered advertising and therefore requires sponsorship. One Unique Queen does not sell text links; access to an engaged, targeted and niche readership is what is offered.

  • Sponsored Posts receive up to (3) links per 300 words: one link in the introduction for your company’s name (ie “This is a sponsored post courtesy of (insert company name)…”), and then up to two more links in the content of the article.
  • ALL sponsored posts will have a disclosure stating the post is sponsored, as well as in the post subject line.  There is no exception to this.
  • All posts must include at least one high quality photo of which you have the rights to use or that is creative commons for commercial use.
  • The contents of a sponsored post, including the opinions expressed therein, are those of the advertiser and not of One Unique Queen or its writers. Additionally, One Unique Queen has no relationship with any sponsor, and does not influence the message.
  • Sponsored posts are clearly designated as such, so that readers will be able to determine which posts contain opinions of advertisers, and which posts contain the opinions of One Unique Queen.  This is typically done by the words Sponsored Post at the start of the title, and then the phrase “This is a sponsored post written by the sponsor, [sponsor’s name].
  •  A sponsored post currently costs $50 per post.

One Unique Queen reserves the right to schedule as I see fit for my readers, although most of these are written/posted right away. Additionally, One Unique Queen reserves the right to edit posts to comply with these guidelines. By submitting a post, you agree to these guidelines.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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