How To Break A Weight Loss Plateau

It’s common knowledge that losing weight can be a challenging task in the early days, but when you finally get the hang of the steps involved, it can be a walk in the park. However, one problem people face is the much-dreaded weight loss plateau. That is when it becomes challenging to lose any more weight, even when you’re exercising regularly. Studies show that plateaus are set in 6 months after commencing a low-calorie diet. Fortunately, you can overcome this stage and achieve your weight loss goals with these tips.

Adjust your caloric intake

There will come a time when your weight loss progress slows down and becomes a significant source of worry. Everything you do may feel like it’s going down the drain without having any significant impact on your body. Plateaus can be incredibly frustrating until you find the right solution for your body and its requirements. The first thing is to recalculate your daily caloric needs if you haven’t done so already. You may have made caloric adjustments at the beginning of your weight loss journey, but it will mean nothing when the plateau sets in.

This often happens because your body has reached a saturation point, and something drastic needs to be done. A caloric intake readjustment is the right step because it forces your body to reset and respond to the external measures you’ve applied. That should not be confused with starving your body of the essential nutrients it needs throughout the day. Instead, opt for nutrient-dense foods that continue to fuel your body. It is not advisable to embark on an overly restrictive diet as a way to force your body to break free from a weight loss plateau.

Diversify your exercise routine and explore other related options

The first thing people trying to lose weight do is to intensify their routines after hitting a plateau. However, few know the strategy to get it right. The secret is not only in intensifying your exercises; instead, it is knowing the combination of targeted workouts, when to do them, and understanding your body’s metabolism. Trainers say intensified strength and cardiovascular exercises elevate your metabolism and trigger further calorie burn. It is an intricate process that responds to intensification, targeted workouts, and routine. It takes great discipline to stick with this aspect of your weight loss mission, so make it a point to commit to the process. It would help to consider other measures besides your diversified exercise routine. That includes exploring options like Semaglutide benefits and how they can enhance your weight loss progress. This injection works by suppressing your appetite and making you feel fuller for longer. When combined with exercise, you can be sure to hit your target weight in no time.

Prioritize sleep and stress management

Unmanaged stress, coupled with poor sleep, contributes to weight gain. Research has shown that this combination disrupts your body’s hormonal balance, causing excessive ghrelin production. It is also known as the hunger hormone and is produced predominantly in the stomach, although the pancreas and small intestine produce ghrelin, too. Emotional eating works against your mission to break the weight loss plateau. Try healthy stress management techniques to prevent it from getting out of hand. Aim for 7 – 9 hours of quality sleep daily to give your body the chance to recuperate. The human body responds to routine, and you can be sure that your weight loss goals can be attained.

What have you done to break a weight loss plateau? Let me know in the comments below!



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