CoverGirl BlastFlipStick BzzAgent Review

About CoverGirl BlastFlipStick:
It’s 2 lipsticks in 1. How cool is that? These were expertly designed with creams and shimmers for your one of a kind look. BlastFlipstick’s are double-ended lipstick duos with color on one end and a shimmer on the other end. You can wear one side, and add the shimmer, or wear them separately The shimmer by itself looks like a lip gloss. They are available in 13 amazing duo shades. You are most likely bound to find a shade that is right for you!

13 amazing, colorful BlastFlipStick shades are:

Whisper: Taupe and pearl pink shades
Pucker: Light berry and lilac shades
Glimmer: Dark berry and soft pink shades
Flashy:Dark berry and lilac shades
Vixen: Burgundy and pearl pink shades
Perky: Bright pink and light pink shades
Tease: Red and gold shades
Cheeky: Bright pink and peach shades
Stunner: Bright pink and gold shades
Snap: Taupe and sand shades
Smooch: Copper and sand shades
Minx: Deep brown and gold shades
Intense: Deep berry and taupe shades

Visit Covergirl on their website & on Facebook to learn more about their different shades and get tips on top lip looks.

In my BzzKit:


– Official BzzGuide
– 3 BlastFlipSticks
– 20 coupons for $2 off any BlastFlipSticks

My CoverGirl BlastFlipStick BzzAgent Review:
I received a my BzzKit from BzzAgent recently, containing three different shades/color combinations. I received these shades:

855 Minx: Deep Brown and Gold shades
820 Vixen: Burgundy and Pearl Pink shades
840 Stunner: Bright Pink and Gold Shades


I actually love all 3 shades. I think they all suit me pretty well. I guess it’ll depend on what I’m wear and the style of it. I think I would wear the Minx one pretty often because that is what I would normally wear. The other 2 would come into play definitely on the style of outfit and hair I’m wearing that day. I do have to say that Stunner was hard to come off. I felt that it stained my lips. Other than that I like’d it. They were easy to apply and it lasts a decent amount of time. I love how versatile they are. You can combine them in so many ways to create wonderful new looks. You can even mix and match them as well. You don’t have to use the shades that are together. Another thing you can do is if you just want to use the shimmery part of the lipstick than you can or vice versa. All I can say is that I will definitely be buying more shades. BlastFlipStick gives a whole new meaning to lipsticks!!

So what are you waiting for? Go out and grab one – they are available in most groceries, drug stores and major retailers and the suggested retail price is $8.49! Totally worth giving a try

Have you tried BlastFlipSticks yet? What did you think and what was your favorite shade?


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