Happy Grub – Squeezable Instant Pancake Mixes Review

Happy Grub – Squeezable Instant Pancake Mixes
Retail Price: $8.99

About Happy Grub – Squeezable Instant Pancake Mixes:

Happy Grub is the only Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix, made of natural and organic ingredients. Designed for the whole family, our mix comes in four great flavors: Buttermilk, Whole Wheat, Yummy Banana, and Apple Cinnamon.

Happy Grub is so easy and so much fun. Just pick your flavor, pour water into the bottle, shake it up, and squeeze onto a hot surface.

Our kid friendly squeeze top bottles allow for easy pancake (or waffle) making, without all the mess. And less mess, means more fun! People of all skill levels can “draw” shapes, letters, numbers and all types of designs right onto the pan.

Where to buy:

You can purchase Happy Grub – Squeezable Instant Pancake Mixes online on their website or on Amazon.

Important links:

For more information, visit https://eathappygrub.com/. Also be sure to check out Happy Grub – Squeezable Instant Pancake Mixes’ social media sites: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok.

My Happy Grub – Squeezable Instant Pancake Mixes Review:

The flavor that was sent to me was Happy Grub – Instant Pancake Mix – Apple Cinnamon.

Okay, okay, okay….I’m genuinely really shocked at how easy it was to use this. I mean you literally only need to add water, then give it a good shake and boom…it’s mixed and ready to be cooked. I have a mini dash waffle maker that I used to make these and O-M-G… can I say it turned out perfect!! It was the most ever, mess-free, quick way of making waffles. It was perfection in my kitchen!!

I really do love this instant pancake mix!! The taste was fantastic. It was very flavorful. And the aroma that it gives off while preparing it and cooking it was just so yummy smelling.

These instant pancake mixes is perfect for your little ones to help out in the kitchen. It gets the kids engaged in the cooking process and everyone can enjoy the company and have fun while doing it. Oh, let me not forget to say this…Clean up was a breeze! No mess, no batter all over! Oh how cooking life just became easier – at breakfast time at least. 😀

Overall, I’m very pleased with Happy Grub – Squeezable Instant Pancake Mixes and highly recommend it.

Have you tried any of these products from Happy Grub – Squeezable Pancake Mix before? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below!



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