Postpartum Care: How to Adjust to Motherhood

When you become a mom for the first time, you will definitely experience a flood of mixed emotions. It may be your best moment ever, while at the same time one of the scariest times as a mother. It is in this period of about 5 to 6 weeks, where you adjust to motherhood and embrace your new life with a toddler.

During the postpartum period, you will get to learn how to live with a child, what the different cries of the child sound like, and what they mean. You will also learn how to deal with the frustration, exhaustion, and never-ending tears as you start your journey to motherhood.

As a new mom, you will experience several challenges as you adjust towards motherhood. During this phase, you should take good care of both your child as well as yourself. Here are some of the ways you can transition into motherhood with ease.

Taking Plenty of Rest

During these first weeks after birth, you will often experience plenty of fatigue and tiredness. You can associate most of the fatigue with the countless number of times you wake up at night since your baby may wake you up plenty of times with its cries as it wants to may want to feed.

Request for Help from Friends and Family

Your friends and family may readily help you take care of your newborn child giving you plenty of time to rest. You need to take care of yourself well during the six weeks of postpartum care for your body to heal properly.

Only Eat Healthy Meals

Ensure that you eat meals that give your body balanced nutrition. It would help if you especially had it to speed up the rate at which your body heals. At the same time, you should drink plenty of fluid to help generate more breast milk for your infant.

Exercise your Body

Though you may not start to exercise your body immediately, it is an excellent way to help you keep fit after giving birth. Wait for your doctor’s confirmation of the best time to start exercising your body. A good exercise plan can help you reduce the size of your tummy.

You can take advantage of the postpartum stage to install an IUD contraception right after giving birth just before you decide to leave the hospital. An IUD can help you prevent the occurrence of another pregnancy in a close time-frame. There is an increased risk of getting complications whenever you space pregnancies too close together.

It is very common to experience baby blues during the first two weeks after giving birth. The symptoms you experience may be different for every mom. For most moms, they will develop mood swings or a negative feeling after giving birth. Some of the symptoms include restlessness, irritability, sadness, insomnia, depression, and mood changes.

If the symptoms last for more than two weeks, you should consult with your doctor. The postpartum period allows you to treasure your child’s first years and transition into motherhood with ease while taking care of your health and that of your child.

How did you adjust to motherhood after having a baby? Let me know in the comments below!



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