How to Ditch the Chemicals and Get Naturally Beautiful

Finding beauty products that were natural and actually worked used to be a bit of a challenge, as these products were considered as niche items. Nowadays, people have become more conscious of the number of chemicals used in everyday life and the impact this has on the planet. The health and beauty industry has responded to this growing trend, and as a result, there are now some fantastic natural products out there. The brilliant thing about these products is that they not only contain fewer chemicals, they also work well too. Therefore, there is no need to compromise on quality when purchasing products with natural formulations.

If you are looking for ways to reduce the number of chemicals in your health and beauty routine, then you have come to the right place! Read on for some fantastic ways to stay looking gorgeous while reducing the chemicals in your regime.

DIY Beauty Recipes

A trip to the shops is not always necessary when you want to pick up some new beauty products. In fact, you don’t need to venture any further than your kitchen to find a whole load of items that are ideal additions to your beauty regimen. From face masks to body scrubs, cleansing lotions, to body moisturizers it’s possible to make all of these yourself. You will probably have all the ingredients that you need already in your store cupboards, fridge and fruit bowl.

There are some great recipes available to help take care of your skin naturally, whatever your complexion type. Check out this recipe for making your own homemade deep facial honey and oatmeal cleanser.

Natural Hair Color

There’s nothing like a change of hair colour to get you feeling like your hair has a whole new lease of life, it really can brighten up your entire look. However, many people think that cutting down on the chemicals in their beauty routine means that they can no longer colour their hair. However, if you do fancy a colour change, or want to cover up your grey hairs, then this is all possible. Hair colors such as The Shade make coloring your hair possible without the use of chemicals such as ammonia and parabens visit website to find out more.

Get Brushing

If you are looking for ways to get smoother skin without the use of any products at all, then why not give body brushing a try? Many people find that body brushing offers many benefits; as it stimulates the lymphatic system, it can provide an improvement for the appearance of cellulite. Body brushing can also reduce dull skin thanks to its exfoliating action, and unclog pores. Dry skin brushing can make you feel refreshed and invigorated. It can also boost your blood flow and get your lymphatic fluid moving.

When it comes to finding natural ways to look great, then don’t forget that you get out what you put in. Getting plenty of sleep and drinking enough water is also essential to looking naturally beautiful.

What are some things you do to ditch chemicals and get naturally beauty? Let me know in the comments below!



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