Feeling Sluggish? Turn To One Of These Ideas For Inspiration

Sometimes in life, we just feel as though we’re carrying around an invisible boulder. There’s nothing there, and it looks as though we should be plodding along perfectly, but it just won’t happen. Sure, a lot of the time we’re doing reasonably well – well enough to get everything sorted and well enough to function correctly, but some days we’re completely stuck in the mud.

It’s completely normal to feel like it. One day you’re doing fine, then something (or nothing) happens and boom: here comes the sluggish lethargy. When you’re in a funk, getting out of it can feel like climbing Everest – even the smallest of lulls can feel like a huge task to escape from.

Whilst people are odd creatures with different things plaguing their bodies and minds, we all have the same fundamentals that we can work on to improve our wellness. We have a lot of complicated and technical things that need sorting, but we can all do some simple stuff as well. Let’s talk about a few ideas that can get us up and away from the depths of sluggishness.

Drink More Water

It’s such a simple thought and you might scoff at it, but it really does change your mood at the very least. If you have deeper problems, then chugging a couple of glasses of water won’t change too much, but it might make you feel more awake, and that’s the thing we’re looking for here. If you’re just feeling a little tired and unmotivated, then hydrating yourself could get you up and out of your chair. Another thing dehydration does is put you into a foul mood. Have you ever felt as though even the smallest inconvenience might make you explode and you have no idea why? It could be the lack of water in your system.

Sleep Better

It’s almost vital for a person to get a good amount of sleep every night. An unorthodox sleeping pattern can really throw off your entire day – yes, your entire day. You will wake up in a mess and it can have an effect on your mind and body for the hours succeeding it. When you get into a nice routine, you’ll find that you’ll feel much fresher in the mornings and you’ll have more energy. It doesn’t have to be too strict, but try and create a little plan for yourself in order to limit the wacky bedtimes.

Wake Up Earlier

A consequence of having an organized sleep schedule is that you’ll have more opportunity to wake up earlier. Waking up earlier often leads to a better day – you know this. You’ll have ample opportunity to get things done, you’ll be more awake for when you need to work or do chores, and then you’ll be nice a worn out by the time you hit the sack. It might seem like a mental struggle to begin with, but once you’re up and moving, you’ll feel a lot happier with yourself. It’s much better than idling in bed.

Work Out First Thing In The Morning

It sounds like a horrible, sickening and daunting idea: getting all tired and sweaty before you even have the chance to get your other daily formalities done. But it’s an excellent way to feel positive and energized for the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be a hugely hard-hitting workout that will zap you, just something that’ll get the blood flowing and wake you up some.

Try New Workouts

If you’re already a fitness person and you’re still finding yourself struggling to get back into the rhythm of it all, then you might need to add something that’ll perk your ears up a little. Variety is the spice of life and if you’re doing the same, bland routine all the time then, yes, you can definitely lose interest. If you’re not too sure about how you can change up a routine, then you can look online at some great websites or search for a personal trainer app on your smartphone. Not only will it add that extra bit of difference, but in terms of fitness, changing up your routine often means results improve.

Cut The Junk

Junk food is fun to eat – we all know this already. We also know that too much of it isn’t so fun. We continue to eat junk even though we know it’s not great for us, don’t we? It’s a bad habit to get into. We know that it affects us physically, but it also does a number on our brains, too. If you felt a little sluggish before your fast-food takeaway, then you’re going to be even worse afterward.

Eat Clean

It kind of goes without saying. Sure, you’re allowed some junk every now and again, but the majority of your meals should be good and healthy if you’re looking to become sprightlier and less lethargic. There are millions of websites, magazines, and books that can help you out with learning what is good for you and what isn’t. It wouldn’t hurt to take a little look once in a while.

Cook From Scratch

It sounds like a little effort but you might enjoy it if you just gave it a go. When you cook things from scratch, you’re able to know exactly what goes into the food you’re going to be eating. Foods you buy from the store often have additives in there that aren’t good for you. It’s another great way of keeping yourself healthy and less stagnant.

Avoid Your Devices

We mentioned that you may need your device for certain things – that’s all fine, but scrolling through your phone or your tablet and spending hours staring at the black mirror is a terrible habit. You can lose entire days if you’re not careful and you can become entrenched in situations you really don’t have to be. Put the device down for a while and remember where you are.

Go For A Walk

Finally, walking is super good for you. It’s great exercise and it helps you feel refreshed. You can burn a lot of calories, so physically you’ll be helped out, and it also gives your mind that clearer feel. It’s always nice to see different spots, too. If you live in the countryside – even better for you!

What do you do from feeling sluggish? I’d love to know in the comments below!



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