Date Ideas You’ll Love

It can be so much fun to plan date night, especially if you haven’t had one in awhile. Whether you are dating somebody new or you are reacquainting with somebody you’ve been married to for a long time, dates are one of the best ways to do that. Sometimes, we settle for things like dinner and drinks because they are easy and relaxing ways to have a conversation while also being able to socialize.

Other times, you get the chance to go all out and plan a daytime date. You’ll have more energy, there are more activities available to you, and those 2023 concerts that you’ve been eyeing seem to be so much more appealing if you can take somebody with you. They’re also usually cheaper, which is always a bonus given that many venues and restaurants tend to capitalize on dating knowing full well that people will pay out if they have to. So, with that in mind we’ve got some date ideas for the daytime so that before you burnout for the evening, you have somewhere to go.

  • Plan a bookstore date. OK so before you shake your head and say it’s boring, if your date is a lover of reading, it’s actually a wonderful idea. It’s casual and intimate because not only does your choice of books show that you know your date really well, it’s a good way to introduce each other to what you like to read. Going to an independent bookstore and agreeing to split up and find a book for each other that you must agree on reading, is an exciting way to spend some time.
  • Head for the museum. There are so many museums and art gallery options that you can use for a day date idea, and they are often free. Look around for a really good exhibit, and see if your date would be interested in doing the same. You can then spend some time exploring them together, and you can discuss the exhibit, you could be silent, uncomfortable, and you don’t even have to see everything. Just being able to wander around together is part of the fun.
  • Throw a dart at a map and go exploring. OK so this map can be of the local area, but the chances are quite high that you have never walked through every single neighborhood in your town or city. If you throw a data map, you might be able to find the landmark or a restaurant or even a street packed with graffiti that you can admire.
  • Do something sporty. Have you ever been kayaking on a date before? Or headed to the sea front to go on a water ski? Take advantage of a sunny day and go out onto the water together. It’s packed with adrenaline, it gets you moving, and it gives you something to be exhilarated about afterwards. Even if the date doesn’t workout too well, at least you had a fun time!

What other date ideas do you have that you love? Let me know in the comments below!



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