[Influenster Review] Ivory Soap – The Many Uses of Ivory

In case you missed my post on the un-boxing here is a picture of everything that was inside of my Mom VoxBox 2012 box. Check out my un-boxing post for my video.

Ivory Soap
$4.27 for a 10 pack

Facts about Ivory Soap:

Free of dyes and heavy perfumes, Ivory provides a simple, yet effective clean for the entire family (without breaking the bank!).

Ivory bar soap is 99.44% pure (it floats!).

You can find Ivory at your local retailers such as Walmart and Target as well as any major grocery, dollar and drug store.

How you used Ivory Bar Soap:
* Body Cleanser
* Facial Cleanser
* Clothes Stain Remover (food stains, ring around collar, etc)
* Laundry Flakes
* Soap Carving Project
* Other

My Review:

I remember when I was younger we used to always use Ivory soap but as I got older my skin for some reason didn’t like the soap anymore. I would come out the shower with very dried skin so I stopped using it. I think I might have been allergic to it so when I got this in my VoxBox I was kind of scared to use it. Well I got over my fear and used it and yep sure enough I came out the shower very dried and almost felt rubbery. I had to lather on some lotion just to get the feeling away. I do however like the smell. Its not bad. I had my husband and daughter try it out as well to see if they had the same results as me. And no they didn’t. Both my husband and daughter liked it very much. My husband says that this bar soap is very gentle on his skin and smells good. He said that his skin feels super clean afterwards. My daughter says she just likes the smell.  I guess she wouldn’t know to much or knows the difference in clean or dried skin.

Would I recommend this soap? Yes, I would to anyone who is not allergic or don’t suffer from dried skin.


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