How Can I Stop Feeling Bored As A Home Cook?

There are two sides to cooking. One is the kind of cooking we perform when we have the time, ingredients and purpose to indulge in our task, be that crafting a beautiful curry, or cooking for a wonderful family gathering. However, the other kind of cooking is the day to day type of cooking most of us deal with, where we may cycle around two dozen meals or so throughout the months in order to make us of what limited time we have to eat properly and feed our families on a practical, constant level.

This second type of cooking can easily become formulaic and sometimes tiresome, and that often leads to boredom. But is it possible to switch this up? Can we make our day to day cooking fun again, so that you feel inspired, willing to try new dishes, and perhaps save a little money via shrewd decision-making?

We believe that’s more than possible. Going forward, you may wish to consider some of the following:

Start From Scratch

Learning a few recipes from scratch can help you get to the basics of cooking; which feels so much more satisfying than purchasing everything from the supermarket. There’s nothing wrong with that latter approach of course, but a little care and attention goes a long way here. For instance, learning how to make old fashioned baklava can truly help up your dessert game; while learning how to cut, portion and handcraft your own pasta can be a fantastic skill to learn, particularly if you hope to cut to the heart of Italian cuisine.

Teach Your Children Or Friends

It can also be quite fun to teach cooking to those you care about. It might be that your child is now beginning to look at which college or university they hope to attend, living on campus, and so they’re closer to independence.

This can be a great time to teach them how to cook using a slow cooker, one-pot meals, how to make stews, and how to incorporate leftovers. Teaching often helps us solidify our own knowledge, and at least you’ll know that your child is spending time eating properly instead of relying on fast food too much, or wasting money on overpriced produce.

Try New Appliances

Trying a new shiny toy can not only be fun, but may teach you something about cooking. Making amazing slow cooked pulled pork or chicken can be easier than you think in a pressure or slow cooker, and it tastes incredible, as well as helps you cater for parties so much more easily.

In addition to that, it can be great to use a rice cooker for the best and most fluffy rice every time. Perhaps this could help you finally try sushi rice provided you have the sushi vinegar to make a truly beautiful batch. The more you have fun, the better. Or, perhaps all you need is an excellent blender to make a beautiful smoothie each morning. Often, our cooking is limited by our imagination and tools, and so investing in both of these at the same time will be revolutionary.

With this advice, you’re certain to stop feeling bored as a home cook.

What have you done to stop feeling bored as a home cook? Let me know in the comments below!



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