4 Things Keeping You From Being The Best Parent You Can Be

You’re a great parent! From your moment you first held your baby in your arms and locked eyes with them, you’ve restructured your whole life around putting them first. As they’ve grown and developed, you’ve done all that you can to stay one step ahead of their ever-changing needs and be there for them whenever, wherever and however they need you. But being a great parent isn’t just about taking care of your children. It’s also about making sure you take care of yourself and (if you’re co-parenting) your relationship with your partner. Putting your kids first at the expense of your own well-being can lead to niggling resentments. Furthermore, if you’re not looking after yourself in mind or body, you may find that some things start to prevent you from being the best parent that you can be.

Here are some ways in which your lifestyle, habits or circumstances may be keeping you from being the best possible parent for your little one/s…

1. You’re not making time to get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is one of the most important ways in which parents can give themselves the self-care they need to take better care of their kids. While you’re asleep, your body carries out all kinds of vital repair and maintenance work. Getting a healthy 7-9 hours of sleep a night will make you feel more energized and alert. But you need to make your schedule more conducive to healthy sleep. And if you’re trying to squeeze in a movie or a few hours of TV in every night after the kids have gone to bed, all that blue light might actually be keeping you from getting the sleep you need.

2. Your hearing is deteriorating but you’re not taking action

Good hearing is essential for a parent as it’s the gateway to communication not only with your child but with your partner, friends, work colleagues etc. Yet many parents are unaware that their hearing is less than stellar. But if you work in a noisy environment, or spend a lot of time wearing headphones you might be damaging your hearing without even knowing it. In fact, even if you wear a hearing aid, you might no be getting the most out of it. These hearing aid tips will help you to choose the best model for your needs. The input of a Hearing Instrument Specialist can also be invaluable.

3. You never exercise

If you don’t exercise you’re likely to be prone to lethargy, find it difficult to keep up with your child’s seemingly boundless energy, and even something as simple and joyful as playing with your kids can seem like an ordeal. Of course, making time for exercise can be very difficult when juggling work and family. Hopefully this post will help you to make the time you need.

4. Everything you eat is beige

Finally, good nutrition isn’t just essential to kids, it’s just as vital for their parents. If you’re living on sandwiches and oven ready snacks and most of your diet is beige, you’re almost definitely not getting the right combination of micro and macro nutrients to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp. Embracing a diet that’s wholly (or mostly) wholefoods and plant based can not only make you slimmer, it can make you more cognitively sharp and give you much more energy throughout the day.

What other ways do you feel can keep you from being the best parents you can be? Let me know in the comments below!



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