Don’t Put Your Kids Back To Square One After Spring Break

If you work in education, then you might have heard of the term ‘summer drought.’ This is an issue teachers use which refers to the fact that kids can revert back to square one after the summer vacation because it has been so long since they have done anything remotely related to their education or work in school. It means that kids have to spend a couple of weeks playing catch up which slows everything right down. If you’re a parent it’s in your best interest to avoid this and it can also be a problem through the spring break as well. So, let’s explore some of the best ways to handle this.

Ask Them To Keep A Diary Or Journal

First, you should ask your children to keep a diary or journal through the break. This is useful as it will mean that their minds will remain active. It will also train them to focus on the events that are happening around them in their life. This could include everything from writing about the things that they are doing while on vacation to their thoughts and feelings. It’s all important and you can encourage your child to keep a journal regardless of their age. You should read this to check the level of detail they are including and help them with spelling or grammar where necessary.

Check For Any Assignments

You should make sure that you are checking for any assignments from children. It’s quite common for teachers to drop assignments over the school break but for kids to forget about these or ignore them completely. As a parent, you should always ask about assignments. If you’re not sure whether you can trust the word of your child, then you can always consider ringing the school directly. They should be able to inform you whether there’s any work that you need to be aware of.

Use Learning Tools

There are lots of different learning tools that you can access with your kids when they are outside of school. Tools and resources like this are used by teachers as well as home schoolers. One example would be a site such as where kids will be able to learn about science topics such as light and reflection.

Take Educational Trips

Finally, you should make sure that you are thinking about planning educational trips with your kids instead of just focusing on doing things that are purely fun. Lots of things can be educational. For instance, you might be heading to Disney World. Epcot is full of educational attractions that kids will still enjoy. You can learn more about educational elements of Disney on sites such as

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you need to take to ensure that your kid is not back to square one after the summer break ends. In doing so, you can guarantee that they remain on track with their studies and all the work that they need to complete through school. They might even end up ahead of the rest of their class.

What have you done to make sure your kid is not back to square one after a break from school? Let me know in the comments below!



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