What To Do If Your Marriage Is Struggling

If your marriage is struggling you’re bound to be dealing with lots of different emotions. It can be hard to know where to start, but you do have options. To start addressing your needs today, pay attention to the following steps.

1. Be honest with yourself

Admitting that you have a problem with your marriage is never easy. Sometimes it’s incredibly clear where the issue is, in other cases, the problem is a little more complicated. Being honest with yourself is the first step. If you can be totally honest with yourself about what’s bothering you, you’ll have a far better chance of communicating this to your partner.

2. Start an open conversation

Once you have some idea of your problems and needs, it’s time to start an open conversation. Talking about marriage problems can be difficult, you’ll need to find a way to sensitively express your feelings. Be prepared, your partner might also have some things to say to you that are difficult to hear. Though it can be challenging to speak so honestly, it’s the first step to solving problems.

3. Consider marriage counseling

Talking about your relationship can be tough. When tensions run high it’s easy to get angry and upset. Marriage counseling can be very useful, a marriage counselor can mediate the conversation, and help you to communicate your feelings. The presence of a marriage counselor can help both parties to stay calm. It can also be easier to bring up issues that are hard to talk about. You don’t even need to be married to seek couples therapy, the service is there for any couple who needs it.

4. Gather useful resources

It’s always nice to get fresh ideas and a new perspective. There are plenty of books, podcasts, and blogs that focus on marriage and relationship advice. To start learning some new things today try these relationship podcasts:

I Do: Join Sarah and Chase to talk about relationships, dating, and marriage. In every episode, you’ll get plenty of great advice from relationship therapists. Recent topics covered on the show have included, ‘prioritizing happiness in relationships’, and ‘challenging the concept of soulmates.’

Marriage & Martinis: Tune in for a fun podcast about marriage, Danielle and Adam have got plenty of wisdom to share on all the traditional relationship issues.

5. Evaluate your options

When your marriage is struggling you’ve got to evaluate your options. Remember, not all marriages should be saved, if you’re in a toxic marriage that isn’t serving you, divorce might be your best option. If you’d like to get divorced, you’ll need to find the best divorce lawyer. Your lawyer will talk you through the legalities and help you to achieve the eBay outcome.

The takeaway

Dealing with a struggling marriage can be tough, but with the right steps, you’ll find strength. If you’re finding it difficult to communicate with your partner, marriage counseling might be the best option. A counselor can provide you with relationship tips, and if you need divorce advice you can contact a divorce lawyer. Saving a marriage is only appropriate if the relationship is healthy for both partners. In many cases two people can have an amicable divorce, without too much stress.

What do you think you’d do if your marriage was struggling? Let me know in the comments below!



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