Moving More, Sitting Less

You work, you parent and you do your share of looking after the home and cooking. At times, at the end of a long day, falling into bed or catching up on that Netflix list is about all you have the time and energy for. So, when you read lifestyle bloggers encouraging readers to incorporate a little exercise into their day, it feels like a challenge too far

We’re here to talk about how to make this unrealistic expectation a reality. We’re going to reframe the terms and find some ways of getting a little healthier and a little more movement into our day.

And there’s the key word: movement. Forget the term exercise, we’re talking about moving more, sitting less and doing things your body loves.

Little Healthy Habits

It might not feel like it all the time, but your body loves to move and was designed to do just that. So, incorporating a few little changes into the way you move and how you move is going to feel good. When you walk to work or to the bus stop, stop the strolling and pick up the pace. You’re not going further or changing route, you’re just walking with purpose. Get your stride on and you’ll feel your heart rate increasing and a sense of purpose as you walk it out.

Do this every time you walk a distance, whether it’s the school run or to run an errand, no more dawdling.

Get a Fitbit or similar. These little bands will tell you exactly how many steps you’ve taken and some will even send you motivational messages to get you moving more. You’ll soon become your own best competition and strive to beat yesterday’s step count, just don’t get too obsessed.

If you’re someone who sits down a lot, become a fidget. Studies show that sedentary people can benefit from constantly keeping parts of their body active so jiggle that leg and tap that foot to keep the blood flowing and burning off energy.


There are other healthy habits you can adopt to go alongside moving more that will give you a big win in health terms. If your sleep is lacking or is poor quality, take this problem on and deal with it. Bad sleep can lead to mental health problems such as depression as well as an inability to concentrate, dizziness and irritability. Don’t be afraid to go and talk a doctor if you’re experiencing sleeping difficulties and ask for a check-up while you’re there. There’s no better time to get those aches and pains sorted out or to talk to your doctor about breast implant removal cost, if it’s been playing on your mind.

Want a cheap and easy way to feel better? Drink more. Taking on board more water is one of the most effective and easy things you can do to feel great. If you’re looking for a better complexion, shinier hair, more energy and a greater ability to concentre, it’s all right here in a glass. You don’t have to buy expensive bottles, grab a reusable version. Many cafes will give you free refills if you present your own bottle, so take it with you the next time you call in for your morning latte.

If you work in an office, you might consider this slightly more radical approach to getting better movement and circulation in your body: a standing desk. Standing up, avoids crushing the veins and capillaries in your legs and helps maintain better blood flow. You’ll also move around more and burn more energy.

If that seems too much, then set an alarm that tells you it’s time to get up and walk to the water fountain at least once every hour. Avoid simply sitting all day, it’ bad for your posture, bad for your eyes and bad for your leg and overall health.

You don’t have to be an athlete, a sports enthusiast or even a fan of exercise to get some more movement going in your lifestyle. Just a quicker walk, the chance to fidget and a reminder to get up and walk every hour or so, will start giving you serious gains. If you’re inspired to build on them, then great. Why not take deliberate walks outside of work in your lunch hour? At the very least help your body function at its best by drinking more water alongside your caffeine intake and start feeling fresher and healthier, one little step at a time.

What type of things do you do to get yourself moving? I’d love to know in the comments below!



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