How To Sharpen Your Focus By Looking After Your Health

Do you find it almost impossible to focus throughout the day? You might go through periods of focus, but it’s generally something you struggle to achieve. Fear not, you’re in the same boat as many people around the world. I’m sure a few of you reading this are finding it hard to stay focused already!

We can approach focus/concentration in two ways. The first is to get rid of the environmental factors affecting the way we concentrate. For example, hide your phone or turn off the TV. Basically, we remove distractions from our work environment. The second approach is to look at how our health and body affect our focus. You’ll soon realize you can do numerous things to boost focus by looking after your health!

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is proven to help hone your mental capacity and improve concentration. Effectively, exercising trains your brain to focus on different tasks. When you run, you’re focused on running and getting to the final destination. Even weight training improves focus as you have to have good hand-eye-coordination to stop the weights from falling to the floor. It also helps to release hormones in your body that improve your mood and encourage you to focus.

Try health supplements

Some health supplements can aid your focus as they deal with internal issues you might suffer from. If you have bad focus, it might be down to a lack of a certain hormone or a health issue that keeps you distracted. So, look for health supplements geared towards mental focus if you want a small boost. I won’t recommend any products, but my advice is to look for natural supplements rather than ones packed full of potentially harmful chemicals!


Daily meditation can work wonders for your ability to focus. The sheer act of meditation makes you concentrate and think deeply. It’s an excellent way of slowing things down and controlling your breathing. Your muscles relax, mental tension eases, and you start to think clearly. I find that meditating when you get up in the morning is a brilliant way of improving your daily focus.

Stretch your sore muscles

Every hour or so, get up from your chair and do some light stretches. Stretch your legs, back, neck, and chest. These areas get super tight when you sit and type all day. As a result, they can provide distractions that thwart your focus. If you deal with your sore muscles and keep them relaxed, you’ll be able to concentrate more effectively. Right now, I’m struggling to focus because my back feels tense and sore. So, I’ll get up, stretch it out, and return to work. If you have something like a foam roller or massage ball, use them instead of stretching. They provide better and longer relief from muscle tightness.

Try these ideas if you want to improve your focus by looking after your health & wellbeing. Of course, this should be done alongside removing all the environmental distractions in your workspace. Together, this will improve concentration and let you achieve a focused mindset.

What are some things you do to sharpen your focus while looking after your health? Let me know in the comments below!



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