5 Driving Tips For Newbies

Whether you are 17 or in your 20’s, driving for the first time can be a scary thing and it can be pretty intimidating sitting behind the wheel on the roads. When it comes to driving for the first time you will have a lot of conflicting ideas of what to do and how to behave, but the truth is that everyone has their own diving style and you have to simply practice to find what yours will be. Today we will take a look at some of the top driving tips for those taking their lessons and getting ready for their test.

Don’t worry too much

The main thing you need to remember as you step behind the wheel is that if something happens, your instructor has pedals and will be able to stop the car and keep you safe. You don’t need to worry about contacting Hupy and Abraham injury attorneys after your first lesson because you will never be left in a situation where you will crash the car. Let this worry lift away from your shoulders and once it does it will make all the difference to you and your confidence on the road.

No one drives at the limit

As you drive along at the speed limit you will likely notice a lot of people coming up close behind you or driving much quicker than you. The simple fact is that no one else follows the speed limit and it doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong or going too slowly. Stick to the limit and if people want to overtake you, they will.

The clutch isn’t your enemy

The main thing which can be hard for new drivers is using the clutch. As kids on video games and other things we likely only ever had an acceleration and brakes so the idea of the clutch is new to us all. You don’t need to worry about this pedal because if anything it is going to help you stay safe on the road. When you aren’t using the clutch you don’t need to rest your foot over it, just make sure that you are always within reach when you get to a junction or some traffic lights.


When you are driving and you are let loose on bigger roads with more cars around, it can be easy for you to become a little bit scared and worried about your driving. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to be sat upright on high alert straining your neck for the whole ride. Put a little trust in yourself and relax while driving. You’ll notice that the moves start to come to you more naturally than they did before.

If you can’t do it, don’t

What you need to realize when you are driving in every day life is that you won’t be parallel parking all of the time and you certainly won’t be reversing around a corner. If you don’t feel comfortable doing these moves you won’t have to do them when you are driving yourself. Make sure you learn them now for the test, but after this it really doesn’t matter at all.

What other tips do you have for newbie drivers? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!



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