Littlest Pet Shop BzzAgent Review


About Littlest Pet Shop:
Bring the LITTLEST PET SHOP to life in your home with a whole new line of bobble pets and stackable playsets like these:

Pet Pawsabilities collection: Each of these 16 bobble-motion cuties comes with a loveable mini-pet friend and plenty of accessories.

LITTLEST PET SHOP Style Set: In the “LITTLEST PET SHOP” animated series, this is where all the shenanigans begin. As a Style Set, it’s totally customizable and comes with three LPS pets, including Minka the monkey, Sunil the mongoose and Kittery the cat.

Pet Scene Style Sets: These fun-filled sets based in the heart of Downtown City come with additional pets and offer exciting customizable activities.

Where to buy:
You can purchase Littlest Pet Shop at your local Toys-R-Us, Walmart, K-Mart or local toy shop.

Important links:
Visit Little Pet Shop for more information!

What’s in my BzzKit:

  • A Pet Shop Style Set
  • A Scene Style Set
  • A Pet Pawsabilities pack
  • A “Buy one, get one free” coupon for LITTLEST PET SHOP Pets
  • 3 $10-off Style set coupons to use or share with friends

My Littlest Pet Shop BzzAgent Review:
My daughter LOVES the Littlest Pet Shop!! Her cousins that live next door to us have a bunch of them and she’d always go over there to play with them. And every time she comes home, she’s always asking me and her dad when we will be able to get her some. So when I got the opportunity to receive some Littlest Pet Shops from BzzAgent, I jumped right on it. I knew this was going to be the best BzzCampaign my daughter has been involved with. Take a look at her first reaction when she opens up the package.


As you can see in the video she was REALLY and I mean REALLY excited and happy to receive her own Littlest Pet Shop. Her little cousins knew she was getting them before she opened them up. And of course I gave their mom coupons to use so they can get more Littlest Pet Shops to add to their collection.


Almost everyday since my daughter has received her Littlest Pet Shop, her and her little cousins have been playing with them. They’d bring their Littlest Pet Shop toys over to play and my daughter would bring her’s over to their house to play. All I hear is Littlest Pet Shop this, Littlest Pet Shop that. It’s so cute! I’m definitely going to get her more Littlest Pet Shop toys to add her collection as well.

Overall, my daughter loves her Littlest Pet Shop toys and would play with them all day every day. I would most definitely recommend this toy for parents to buy their kids.

What is your child’s favorite Littlest Pet Shop toy? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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