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Postpartum Belly: Tips on How to Lose Weight

Babies are bundles of joy that change the dynamics of the family unit. However, new mothers also battle postpartum weight gain. According to the NCBI, post-delivery weight retention increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and hypertension. Most importantly, baby weight exponentially increases the risk of new mothers suffering from postpartum depression. Losing […]

The Link Between Hydration & Weight Loss

The difficulties people face when trying to lose weight are fairly well-known and discussed, but the analysis of these issues tends to focus primarily on food, dealing with cravings, and so on. Unfortunately, this focus overlooks one of the most essential inclusions on any weight loss journey: hydration. Why is hydration so important for weight […]

3 Surprisingly Easy Tips About Weight Loss

It seems you can’t turn your head these days without being bombarded with things like protein shakes, weight loss supplements, magic pills, and other things that celebrities and influencers swear will make you look just like them. However, all of that could be about to change. Actress and social activist Jameela Jamil recently created a […]

Join my Purium team

Hi! My name is Rose Clayborne and I am an Independent Distributor with Purium Health Products. Are you looking to get you and your family healthy? Are you ON A MISSION to get your family off of GMO foods? How would you like to earn some extra income while having the added benefits of getting […]

Purchase options with Purium

Welcome! – for your convenience here is a short video to explain this page and your Purchase options with Purium.  All the images are not on this page so please watch the video first. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPx45i0Fp1Y] Review all 3 steps below before you Order. Step 1. When you click the “Order Now” button on this page […]

Step 2: 20-Day Continuation Pack

CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve made it through the tough part, the 10-Day Cleanse! So what’s next, you ask? Now, that your body has been cleansed and replenished with nutrition that your body needs, you can now move forward onto step 2. It’s important to know that once you’ve cleared your system of the toxins, you don’t take […]

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