Life Enhancing Sports to try This Summer

Are you bored of the same old fitness or exercise routine? Or maybe you just aren’t motivated to do anything because you can’t be bothered with the gym or an online class. Don’t be uninspired! This summer is the perfect opportunity to try something new and improve your fitness and physique at the same time. Below are some of the cool sports you can get into this summer and enhance your life with.


If you haven’t considered swimming as a viable life enhancing sport for this summer then you’re missing out. Swimming is not only enjoyable in the local pool, the vacation pooly, in the sea or in a lake, it is one of the healthiest activities on the planet.

Swimming gives you a full body workout. It really works your heart meaning you burn lots of calories and you build strength by the resistance of the water. It is also low impact so there is no need to worry about injuries.


Tennis is the sport of the summer, it’s the time of year when all the tournaments are on and everyone tries their racket that’s been gathering dust for months. That’s a shame, because a regular tennis practice has some excellent health benefits.

Firstly, when you play tennis you are outside in the sunshine soaking up the vitamin D. Then you have to factor in fitness. One hour of tennis will burn around 600 calories and build your core strength.


You might be familiar with rowing from the machine at the gym. The rowing machine is a small machine with a tow bar. You sit and put your feet in the loops then pull the rope that has resistance weights on it. It’s very good for building strength and stamina.

But why stay on the row machine in the stuffy gym or watch Celebrity kitties online . Find your local rowing club and get involved this summer. Who knows maybe rowing could be the next big thing for you, a regular summer fitness activity.


Squash is another activity you might not have considered before. It’s the activity you either see or hear on your way into the gym to do more solo exercises like running or weight lifting. You don’t think twice about the squash, but maybe you should.

If you want to burn calories fast and build your core strength and stamina levels you could do a lot worse than hitting the squash courts with a friend. This full on activity can be played year round but it’s not for the faint hearted.


Basketball needs no introduction, everyone knows the sport and has perhaps tried it on occasions. Maybe you liked it but did not pursue it for some reason, or maybe you didn’t click with it. Whatever the reason it could be time to give it a second chance.

Basketball is another sport that is excellent for your all round fitness. It’s played on a small court and requires a lot of strength and stamina. It also improves your balance, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. You will burn through a heap of calories playing basketball.


What better way to engage with the summer season than to get in your bike and head for the roads or the hills. You not only get an excellent workout, you also get for memorable views and plenty of summer fitness pics for your instagram.

So what can cycling do for you? The answer is quite a lot. Cycling increases your heart rate so it’s excellent cardio that burns calories and keeps you slim. It also improves your joint, bones and cognitive function. This low impact sport is an all rounder.


OK so it’s not the most summer sport in the world, not unless you head to some of the Scandinavian regions where they have snow all year round. That would actually make a sensible vacation as you could try out cross country skiing in the sunshine.

Otherwise you will have to make do with the cross country ski machine in the gym or in your garage. If you think getting one of these machines isn’t worth the effort, think again. This activity burns more calories than any other and makes you 40% fitter than average fit people.


Running is another sport and activity that needs no introduction. You have probably tried running at one time or another, some people love it others don’t, but it has some very clear benefits. The first one is that you only need a pair of running shoes and a road to get started.

Running gives you a whole body workout, it also improves your stamina and burns calories. More than that, however, running strengthens your muscles and bones and teaches them to grow stronger. This is something you will be thankful for as you grow older.

What life enhancing sports do you want to try this summer? Let me know in the comments below!


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