Mom Workouts: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

If you are a mom, you will know that getting your regular exercise in can be a challenge to say the least. No matter what age your kids are, whether you are a stay at home mom or a full-time working mom, whether you have a partner or are single, there are always things getting in the way of you having me-time. It’s hard enough trying to get the essentials done in the day, let alone to take time for yourself to get a workout in!

Read on to find helpful, practical tips for ordinary moms who want to work out more. Let’s get started!

1. Get the kids involved

If you can’t find time to do a solo workout, why not get your kids involved? Okay, it might not be ideal to bring the kids to the weights section of your local gym, but there are plenty of outdoor workouts that everyone can enjoy. You could take a family bike ride, go for a run, bounce on a trampoline, or learn a dance routine from YouTube as a family. This will allow you to get your heart pumping and your body moving while also providing your kids with a fun day’s activities that will tire them out too!

2. 10 minutes is better than nothing

If you want to do a solo workout minus the children, it might seem like an insurmountable task. After all, how are you supposed to find a full hour to yourself during the day? If this is a relatable feeling for you, try to lower your expectations of what you can do each day.

Instead of thinking, ‘Well, it’s either an hour-long workout, or nothing at all!’, meet yourself halfway. If you can’t manage an hour, do half an hour, or fifteen minutes, or even ten! You can achieve a lot in a short space of time, and the satisfaction you will get from moving your body and taking care of yourself, even just for ten minutes, is worth it.

3. Speak to other moms about their strategies!

One great thing about being a mom is that you have a whole network of other moms who can identify with, and empathize with, your experiences. If you are struggling to find a workout routine that works for you and your kids, you should check with your mom friends to see if they have any tips.

Furthermore, there are great resources online that can help you with practical advice, such as How To Balance Work, Kids and Exercise. Moms all over the world have different methods that work for their families – it’s about finding the rhythm that is both practical and sustainable for your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

As moms, we need to stick together through thick and thin. Workout together with your kids, on your own for ten minutes or with a gang of mom mates – whichever routine works for you. No judgement, no pressure, just mutual support in our own journeys towards health and happiness. Amen to that!

How do ya’ll mommies get your daily workout in? Let me know in the comments below!



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