Maintaining Your Privacy as a Business Owner

When you start a business, you will need to put yourself out there a lot more, whether to advertise your business or just as the face of the corporation – the person who has ultimate authority within the company. That means that you need to take your privacy more seriously than ever before.

Below are a few simple measures you can take to ensure your privacy as a business owner come what may:

Never use your home address

Even if you are setting up your business from home, you should not use your home address as your registered business address otherwise it would be too easy for anyone to find your home and that could potentially leave you and your family unsafe. Luckily, you can, for a small monthly fee, rent a virtual business address that you can use on all your company correspondence.

Register your domain anonymously

It is possible to withhold the information you registered your business website with so that anyone who searches for it will be given generic information rather than your own private information. This is a really simple way of ensuring people like disgruntled clients cannot track you down in a personal capacity.

Install security

From security cameras to a tele entry system, if you run a business, you should ensure that it is as safe and secure as possible. Only people who have an appointment or a reason to be in the building should be admitted if you want to stay safe and maintain your privacy. This is also important for you to help keep your employees safe at work too.

Hire a talking head

If you want to be really private, then hiring a talking head to be spokes[person for the business when it would normally be the CEO- ie, your- job to do so, is a good way to maintain privacy, If no one knows exactly what you look like, then you will not be swamped by them when you go out or post on private social media or whatever. This is particularly useful if you are running a big company in your local area where you are more likely to be spotted.

Use a professional email address

Using a professional email address is a good way to keep your privacy. Instead of using your name in the email address i.e.. [email protected], simply use [email protected] instead, and then customers who need to get in touch with you can do so without knowing too much about you.

Use a virtual phone number

Using a virtual phone number is also a good idea for similar reasons, especially if you are running your business out of your home.

You might not think that privacy is a priority when you are running a business, but when your business address and contact details are online, along with your picture, it is all too easy for people to track you down, unless you do something to keep yourself safe, and that s where the above steps come in. Ude them.

What else can you do to maintain your privacy as a business owner? Let me know in the comments below!



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