How to Use Your Skills to Make Money on the Web

You can use your skills to make money in various ways. The web offers an almost unlimited potential when it comes to earning, and pretty much anyone can make it work for them. From freelancing to web development and consultation, here are some handy ideas.

Make The Web Work for You

The web can be made to work for you, and it is easier than you think. Perhaps you have a blog that already makes some money. But not enough! There are almost 6 billion internet users every day, and this is a massive pool of customers. Your blog can include standard monetization, but this isn’t always relevant or necessary, especially if you can offer expert services. A subscription billing API allows you to charge customers for extra services like consultations and products.

Use Your Skills to Make Money as a Freelancer

One of the most common ways to make money with the web is to freelance. There are freelancers for almost anything on the web, from web design to blog writing and algorithm source code creation. An average freelancer earns around $49,000 per year. But this depends on what you do, how well you do it, and the platforms you use. Fiverr and Upwork are the most popular. But there are also platforms based on specific skills, such as coding or writing.

Engage with Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone who uses the internet also uses social media. As of today, there are over 5 billion active social media users. This, like web users, is a vast pool of potential clients. But how do you make money on social media? It is very similar to blogging, and all you need to do is create platform-specific posts that engage with an audience. Social media marketing is a skill that will help take your business to another level and bridge the audience gap from blogging.

Monetize Your Blog Even Further

Without monetization, your blog will cost money. Even if it is to cover the blogging costs, you need some monetization. Financial wellbeing isn’t a bad thing in life. However, it isn’t easy to make a side hustle a business. Working well is vital if you want to make money doing these:

  • Place affiliate marketing links in relevant places in your blog posts.
  • Connect your blog to Google Ads to make passive income based on traffic.
  • Accept sponsored posts related to your blog’s niche and get paid directly.
  • Create and upsell digital content (such as eBooks) related to your blog content.
  • Improve your site with SEO and relevancy to bring in as much traffic as possible.

Monetization methods such as affiliate marketing, Google Ads, and sponsored posts genuinely generate passive money. However, they rely on a solid SEO blog with high domain authority.

Sell Your Creative Side

There are many creatives among us, and you may be one of them. Painting, crafting, and building custom computers are all highly creative. Today, around 7 million people sell what they create on Etsy, one of the leading marketplaces for crafted goods. But creativity also extends into tech. You could also sell digital art and graphics, website templates, and code. Some great places to sell code you come up with include SellAnyCode, PieceX, and Codecanyon.

Consult and Use Your Skills to Make Money

Helping others is a privilege in life. If you have specific skills that others struggle with, even those in the same sector, then why not use them to help? You can become a consultant in just about anything; it has never been easier with the internet. You can offer services using video call software as a business consultant, medical health advisor, or cybersecurity guru. This way, it is possible to advise a large number of clients without the need to leave your home.

Teach Others with Courses and Tutoring

Another excellent use for remote work is teaching and tutoring. More and more of us choose to work from home these days, and figures currently stand at 22% for full work-from-home scenarios and about 17% for hybrid work. Online teaching and tutoring are excellent jobs to do from home because of their convenience, and classroom teaching isn’t for everyone. You can do this live as instruction or classes, or you can create tutorial videos that you can sell later on.


You must understand how to make the web work for you to use your skills to make money. This can be as simple as blogging and offering member-only content. Or you can monetize a blog by placing ads or paid links. Tutorials and teaching videos also sell well on various platforms.

What skills have you used to make money on the web? Let me know in the comments below!



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