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Home entertainment and technology brands are making some truly exquisite stuff. Devices that recognize your voice alone and obey your commands to the exact words, studying who you are and forming a picture of your personality and making you as comfortable as possible without you needing to do anything. It’s quite a remarkable time we’re living in. as usual, the best always rise to the surface. Systems which are connected via the cloud, receive regular security updates and can be linked to future products, are worth your attention first. You probably already have your favorite entertainment and tech but take a look at these options and consider replacing your devices if they can’t meet their performance and features.

In the ring of the eye

Home security is one of the most important areas of modern home devices. Technology that allows us to have peace of mind no matter where we are, is how the contemporary home should be. That’s why the Ring Indoor Cam is so popular among family households. It’s by far, one of the cheapest options and has a great design which merges into the background of your interior design. It’s a stand-up design, which allows you to place the camera sneakily behind some books or between some potted plants. It’s a compact security camera that has motion sensors built into the case. It’s small enough that you can place it anywhere and light enough that it can also be fixed onto a wall.

It has a simple plug-in installation so you can start using it immediately. Using your smartphone app, take a look at who’s home while you’re at work. Are your dogs behaving? You can speak into your smartphone and your voice will be broadcast through the speaker that’s in the Ring Indoor Cam. Tell your pooch to stop chewing the sofa cushions, or remind your spouse to put dinner in the oven if you’re working overtime. It has night vision so you can see what’s going on downstairs while still lying in bed. The quality is fantastic, at HD video, it has sharp and crispy footage.

Setting the tone of the house

Smart home lighting has always been a great subject for home technology lovers. There are lots of different forms of modern smart lighting which you can utilize for all areas of your home.


Lanterns for your garden would bring a depth of beauty unlike other types of lights. It’s a traditional style that has stood the test of time. Malvern Outdoor Lantern lights are faux candle lights, powered x3 AAA batteries and x3 C batteries, depending on the size you buy. They have a 6-hour timer and the black painted frames are made out of metal. Turn on the flickering effect to make the lanterns look as if they are real flames. The LED bulb comes in a warm white tone which is perfect for outdoor leisure, such as late nights on the patio.


Setting the mood with lighting is difficult when you don’t have enough color options. Not so with Philips Hue, as you can select any color in the spectrum you like. The app that is made of Hue is very intuitive. With a giant circular color palette, you can select whatever kind of shade you want for different parts of the home. By making profiles for different moods, events and areas of the home, you can simply tap to set the mood for however you’re feeling. The LED lights can be fitted to pretty much any surface, such as a wooden fence, a pebble plant pot, a stone floor or even a tree.

VR gaming

Why only rely on Netflix to whisk you away from your current world when you could get the Oculus Rift S? This virtual gaming headset is quite popular because it’s affordable, easy to set up, doesn’t weigh a lot and has superb quality. At the moment, some of the best online VR games are Beat Saber, where you try and cut down as many enemy items that are flying towards you, with a red and blue lightsaber. A great co-op game is Astro Bot Rescue Mission, where you fight in a 360-degree world trying to save creatures and other machines.

The trouble is, with virtual gaming you need to have an excellent internet service which can handle the large expansive worlds. If you don’t have a wired connection, you can still use satellite internet. Around 8.6 million people in America use this type of internet which is 6% of the population. Popular providers like Viasat and Hughesnet are comparable but different providers. If you game a lot, get the Unlimited Platinum 100 plan by Viasat. If you don’t game too much but like to watch videos and movies, then the Hughesnet 50GB plan is something you should consider. VR gaming is noticeably more challenging on household internet because you’re jumping into whole new worlds, so pick a plan that is large enough to suit your needs.

Play the Jaws music!

Who has time to do the general brushing of hardwood kitchen floors? The living room is one of the dirtiest places in the home because of how well-used it is, among all members of the family. You can assign a shark to clean up after you with the Shark Ion R85. this little robotic vacuum can be preset to a time and day when you want it to scurry around, sucking up any bits of debris and dirt. Wouldn’t it be awesome to leave home for work, then come home to a clean floor without having to lift a finger!?

It has no problem with pet hair, has an easy internal dustbin which you can easily access to empty into the trash. It’s quiet too, at just 60Db. Connecting with your home assistants, Google Assistant and Alexa, you can program it to do other rooms, on the fly.

Home lighting is something that has come a long way. Now you can set all of your rooms to a different mood, all through the use of an app. Stand a small security cam in between some books or in the slit of your curtains and catch any no-gooders in the act.

What are you favorite home technology that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!



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