Gift Sending Do’s and Don’ts

There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift in the post. Especially when you don’t know where that gift is coming from or what it’s for. There is an anticipation that comes with unwrapping it, but the best anticipation comes with sending. You know there’s a surprise in the post for your intended recipient but they have no idea what’s coming!

When it comes to sending gifts however, you need to make sure that you don’t have anything go wrong in the postal process. While you may have your present chosen, you might need to think about things like Unishippers UPS domestic shipping. Below, we’ve got some dos and don’ts for sending successfully.


  • Choose the packaging. You need to make sure that not only does your package get to the right destination, but that is protected. If you have fragile items, using bubble wrap and other protective measures will help it. You also should use a new box, one that you know has padding on the inside and will be strong and study during transit.
  • Add shipping labels. Making sure that the address is clearly written and securing any shipping labels and customs documents to the box is important. There are some shopping items that require specific packaging by post rules, so check any restricted items of the carrier that you are using for more information. Do you want to ensure that it gets to the right place – so make sure you write the right address.
  • Measure and weigh your parcel. You want to avoid any delays and charges when it comes to your parcel, so make sure that you know how much it weighs and how big it is. This will help you to ensure that you can send it without any interruptions.
  • Add a return label. If your item does go missing – and it can happen – make sure that you have a return label attached to it. This will make sure it comes back to you and not somebody else.


  • Post at the last minute. You need to give your gift as much time as possible to get to the destination so make sure that you check the possible delays at the busiest times of year. This is especially true if you are sending overseas or for Christmas gifts. If you post too close to the deadline, you might find that they don’t receive your gift at all.
  • Make the gift obvious. Underneath all of the boxes and the brown paper you can add wrapping paper, but not on the outside. You don’t want somebody to see that and take the opportunity to steal your gift.
  • Forget to pay the duty and your taxes. If you are posting overseas, make sure that your recipient doesn’t have any additional costs there. This is a gift, remember? It should be easy for them to receive it, open it and enjoy it.

A gift should be a joy to send and now you know the dos and don’ts you should be able to send yours with ease.

What other Do’s and Don’ts are there to gift sending? Let me know in the comments below!



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