3 Gift Ideas For The Classy Gentleman

Maybe it’s your grandfather’s birthday or perhaps, your husband’s. If they are anything like a classy gentleman, they’ll want some of the gifts we’re about to discuss. Classy gifts are not hard to think of, they’re just hard to find. Many times, modern day brands don’t make the kinds of gifts that would suit them, because everything is so much more different to what we would presume as being old-fashioned. This is why, when you try to find a gift that someone in their later years would like, it takes a specialist brand to fit the need. So we wanted to mix in both a modern and an old touch to our gifts of choice so you don’t have to seek out an antiquated brand for your gift to your loved ones.

1. New wool jumper

New wool is not like any other type of wool. It’s soft, not coarse and has a bounciness to it. It’s a bit like lamb’s wool only, it is tougher. New wool is exactly how it sounds, it’s the first layer of wool a shaved sheep will grow. This is why it’s soft, thick and still able to be worked. A new wool jumper would be a great gift for a man. You can wear jumpers with t-shirts, themselves or with a shirt. They go well with plaid shirts or even a dress shirt with a tie. Jumpers are also versatile enough to be worn at home, when you’re crafting, fixing, mending things around the house and still look great going out to the shops. Consider a Scottish brand for a new wool jumper, as the wool from Scottish sheep is high quality.

2. A drink on the rocks

If you would like to give someone a bottle of whisky, bourbon or brandy, then Bottle Haus has you covered. They sell all kinds of spirits, liqueurs and malt drinks that would go well for someone’s birthday. As they’re strong drinks they are usually going to be accompanied with ice cubes. So you can think about an ice machine and a couple bottles of Scottish whisky as a great gift for your husband, brother or grandfather. Just be sure to know their taste, as whisky and bourbon are not the same. It’s very easy to confuse the two, but whisky is made from malt, and bourbon is made from corn.

3. Dress shoes

Many women love their heels, men love their dress shoes. Dress shoes like the Oxford are great. They go well with any suit you can think of. A derby is also a great option but they are more of a casual shoe. The face is open on a derby while Oxford is closed. This means that the laces are tighter together. Derbys are usually only found in brown, while Oxfords usually in black. Take your pick for the type of person you are buying them for.

These 3 gift ideas are great for a classy gentleman who you want to impress. You could go all out and just get him all three, but if he only gets one we’re sure he’ll be pleased.

What other gifts have you given to the classy gentleman in your life? Let me know in the comments below!



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