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How To Make Honey & Milk Bath

This Homemade Honey & Milk Bath Recipe is one of those highly customizable recipes where you can change the quantity of ingredients, add other ingredients, or change the ingredients themselves. Milk is full of lactic acid that is a kind of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which helps dissolve the bond that holds the dead skin cells together. […]

How To Make Leave-In Hair Conditioner

In homemade hair conditioners, ingredients like avocado and olive oil act as humectants. They trap in the moisture and keep it locked so that the hair shaft can receive the moisture it needs. The following homemade hair conditioner recipes are specifically used for dry hair and dry scalp. It has oils that don’t leave a […]

How To Make Stretch Marks Cream

Most people end up with stretch marks, especially pregnant women. (According to American Academy of Dermatology, 90% of women acquire them during pregnancy.) They don’t hurt but they do tend to itch. Some people say itching your stretch marks can make them worse. Stretch marks  form either when the skin stretches either during pregnancy or […]

How To Make Honey Fruit Age Defying Mask

Orange juice contains Vitamin C, one of the best anti-aging vitamins out there. Vitamin C enhances the production of collagen in the skin’s deeper layers. Collagen provides for elastic and smooth skin. Honey is a great antiseptic and cleanser of the skin. This mixture is specially good for mature skin and will put softness into […]

How To Make Cucumber Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Ever wondered how to get rid of those wrinkles without spending an arm and leg? Well now you can. One way that you can use, is a Homemade Cucumber Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Cucumbers and skin share the same level of hydrogen, so it becomes easier for cucumbers to mask all the problem areas of the skin. […]

Cover Your Hair – Head & Hair Accessories

Cover Your Hair Head & Hair Accessories is a business that provides women, children and even something for the men with great items to cover your hair/head. There are hard headbands, headbands with tails, pre-tied bandanas, triangle bandanas, square bandanas, all kinds of turban- and bandana-style head coverings, hats galore… oh my! Ah, I remember being […]

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