5 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby This Summer

Under any normal circumstances, new parents are often stuck inside a lot. With endless feedings and diaper changes, you’re all exhausted at the end of the day as well. Summer is a great time to make the effort to get out about with your baby, however, and introduce them to their new local neighborhood, and the world of nature.

The great thing about going out with a baby is that they’re conveniently portable. If you make sure to bring all the necessary supplies and a portable bassinet, you’ll even be able to let them sleep for a while. Here are five examples of fun things to do with your baby this summer.

1. Do a photoshoot

If you’re a budding photographer or not you could take some snaps of your baby enjoying their first summer days out. You’ll treasure the memories forever, so it’s a lovely idea to capture the moment. Here are some tips for choosing the best locations for your baby photographs.

Why not get your baby’s first professional photos at a studio like nycnewbornphotography.com? They cater solely to maternity and newborn photos. You could have photos printed as gifts for your friends and family.

2. Have a picnic

Pack a picnic and a blanket and head to your local park. Let the grass tickle your baby’s feet a little and introduce him to some new sights and sensations. If you’re part of a parenting group or have friends with babies, why not organize a meetup? There are plenty of baby-friendly picnic recipes you could prepare, that the whole family can enjoy.

3. Mom and baby yoga

There are many benefits to mom and baby yoga classes, and now there are many available online. New movements are fun and stimulating for the baby, and you get to bond with them while fitting in some much-needed exercise as well. As a parent, you’ll probably benefit more from a fitness class than your baby if they’re only a few months old, but they’ll appreciate the time bonding with you.

4. Take a field trip

You could check out which family attractions are starting to reopen for businesses. Places like children’s farms and botanical gardens are great places to introduce small babies to nature. Take extra care with hygiene when going to public places. There are plenty of safety tips online.

5. Get creative

Why not do some basic arts and crafts in the yard this summer? If your baby is big enough, you could get them some chalks to draw with or poster paints. Doing it outside is actually a pretty good idea, you’ll avoid stains in the house.

Here are some examples of baby arts and crafts. Get creative with your ideas and go beyond the standard finger painting. These would also make great memories or sentimental gifts for your family and friends.

Take your baby on a little outing this summer, and enjoy the outside world together. These first years are meant to be treasured and you’ll always remember these special moments.

What are some things you like to do for fun with your babies during the Summer? Let me know in the comments below!



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