Free Math Activity for Minion Fans

What makes you happy? Minions? Freebies? Well, how about Minion Freebies?
Minion Freebie - Educents 3 These free math activities on Educents offers 22 printable pages of math activities for Minion fans. It covers addition, subtraction, measurement, money, and more!

Minion Math Centers Freebie

  • Minion Addition (to 12)
  • Minion Subtraction (to 12)
  • Minions Making Ten
  • Minion Measurement
  • Minion Money Match
  • Missing Minion Numbers
  • Minion Number Cards

Minion Freebie - Educents 2

These cute and fun minions, which your students already love, are the perfect character for these engaging math centers. This packet includes seven different math centers or resources, some of which can be used in multiple ways. The activities include:

  1. Minion Addition (to 12)
    Use this worksheet to practice addition skills. Students cut out the minions at the bottom of the page to use as counters. Students can use the counters to help them solve the addition problems.
  2. Minion Subtraction (to 12)
    Use this worksheet to practice subtraction skills. Students cut out the minions at the bottom of the page to use as counters. Students can use the counters to help them solve the subtraction problems.
  3. Minions Making Ten
    Use this worksheet to practice decomposing the number 10. The minion at the top has the number ten on him to represent the whole. The students determine the two parts to use to make ten. For students that are still developing the concept of decomposing numbers, I would suggest using some type of manipulative to help them see how to make ten in two different parts.
  4. Minion Measurement
    The minions are ready to print and use. Simply cut out each minion and use in a math station with your choice of standard or nonstandard measurement tools. Students could also use these minions to put in order by size or even to make conclusions on which would weigh more.
  5. Minion Money Match
    This memory type of game is ready to print and use. Simply print and cut the matching cards. Students will place the cards face down and try to find the three matching cards. One card represents the front of the coin. One card represents the back of the coin. The final card represents the value of the coin. Students could also use these cards to play a card game like Go Fish. “Do you have the back of a dime?”
  6. Missing Minion Numbers
    Use this worksheet to help your students master number order. On this two page worksheet students will determine which number the minion is covering up. The student will write that number in the box at the end of the line. The missing numbers start with 00zero to twenty counting by ones. I have also included counting by tens and counting backwards to help them truly master number order.
  7. Minion Number Cards
    Use these numbers cards for a variety of activities. There are three sets of cards included: counting by tens to one hundred; counting by fives to one hundred; counting by ones. Students can practice ordering numbers with any of the sets. Use the number cards to play an addition or subtraction game by drawing two cards and adding them together or subtracting. Students can also use the number cards to practice comparing numbers by determine which is greater than or less than. Bonus: the counting by ones cards go to thirty-one so they can also be used as calendar numbers. 🙂

If you’re looking for more ways to make math learning fun, check this out:

Early Math Musical DVDs

4dde_c6ab3b8_Early_Math_Collection copy This DVD set from Rock ‘N’ Learn is a fun way to boost math skills for the early grades. Like the Minions, these DVDs have fun characters your little ones will love to get to know! Math facts are easy to learn with fun music and exciting animation. Learn all about counting coins and bills and practice making change. Kids will learn to tell time to the hour, half hour, and minute using traditional analog clocks. Includes Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD, Money & Making Change DVD, and the Telling Time DVD. I hope this math freebie made by Amy of Teaching in Blue Jeans makes you happy. Download the Free Minion Math Centers, then go ahead and do a little dance! 🙂


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