National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day

My childhood best friend and I met during our elementary school years. It was probably around 3rd grade. We used to go to each other’s house all the time. Wherever I went she went and wherever she went I went. We were stuck at each other’s hips.

One of the best memories I had of us together was when I stayed the night over at her house and we stayed up all night. Yep, pulled an all nighter. Can’t say I can do that now. We stayed up all night playing tricks on our little sisters, watching movies, telling scary stories, playing truth or dare and playing hide-n-seek in the dark outside. It was one of the best times we’ve had.

Best Friends are some of our greatest teachers. To honor National Best Friends Day, here are a few activities to foster those precious memories and important lessons.

B is of course for Bestie

Some of my greatest memories with my best friends happen to be simple things. Creating in the kitchen is a great opportunity to share family traditions, learn together, and make tasty memories.

Here is a simple, fun, colorful dessert from Turnip The Oven that little ones will enjoy. Stuff Nutella in raspberries, and garnish with rainbow sprinkles. So easy and just a few won’t break banks or bellies!


Great for: all friends

E is for Empathy


Siblings relationships can be some of the most challenging and rewarding – and they are truly lifelong! This New York Times bestselling set follows 6th grade Girl Scout Raina and her little sister Amara as they experience overcoming injury and differences as they welcome a new brother to their world. Growing up isn’t always easy, and nor is friendship and sibling-hood. I like that these stories show real-life challenges and the benefits of sisterhood.

Great for: Ages 3-7, especially sisters!

Price: $15.00 (down from $21.98) and includes Smiles & Sisters



S is for Sharing


It’s also for Super Cool! Magformers are colorful, unique magnetic shapes that come together like friends to create something great. The Forest Friends set has the pieces and idea book to make animals like a frog, squirrel, bunny and more. I like this one because it features animals that we’ll see camping this summer, but there are robot, light shows and other sets to share amongst friends.

Great for: Ages 6-12

Price: from $33, and up to 44% off



T is for Thoughtfulness


Photography is one of those contemplative activities that can be solo, but I love the idea of two or three best friends using this lesson plan to create an album or scrapbook together! I still have the albums I made with friends as a young one and cherish them to this day. This is a tradition I want to share with my kids and their friends, and when you can use your phone for pictures and download the lessons, it’s an easy activity to start!

Great for: Ages 8-13, your budding creatives

Price: 84% off at $24.95 (down from $119)


F is of course for Fun!

group-games-for-kids-wacky-relay-TITLE friendship-chain-paper-craft-for-kids-TITLE

Getting outdoors with groups of friends and running around is some of the best food for the soul. I love these fun (even silly!) activities that center around cooperation. The paper Friendship Chain is also really sweet indoor activity for younger children. This round up of 12 activities by The Inspired Treehouse is full of great ideas.

Great for: Ages 3 and up!

R is for Respect


Respect is so often spurred by a deeper understanding of the person, place, or thing. I love the whole wall stick collections at Educents, but the Habitat edition teaches kids about our natural world, and the bear is adorable. Since they’re reusable and washable, this is a set that can travel with pals and be shared between houses. Great fun for between camping trips!

Great for: Ages 7-12

Price: $34.99 (down from $39.99)


E is for Encouraging


Some of the liveliest discussions between little ones surround the characters of their literary worlds! the Chronicles of Narnia, Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter – you name it! Book club is also one of my favorite things to do with my best friends now. This colorful, printable reading log from Balancing Home is a great tool for encouragement of lifelong learning and discussions between best friends of all ages. What’s on everyone’s summer reading list? Add the books and start encouraging each other to succeed with regular checkins. (Maybe with those raspberry treats from the letter B!).

Great for: All readers (and those being read to)

I is for Inspiring

science club

There is a reason Arts & Science go together – each inspires the other. Young Scientists Club put together an art and science fusion package to inspire creativity with 6 different activity kits. The topics range from bubbles to crystals to rainbows. It takes all kinds to make our world great – I like the idea that friends with different strengths can lean on each other, and friends with similar strengths can learn and be inspired together.

Great for: Ages 6 and up

Price: $69.99 (down from $199.94)



N is for Nurturing


Gardening is such a wonderful activity, and kids nurturing a garden together can be extremely rewarding, not to mention fun! Since June is also National Fruits and Vegetables Month, I like this kit as a kick-off to a vegetable garden. It comes with 18 biodegradable pots, green bean, tomato, and sweet pepper seeds. Lots of experiments (and healthy snacks!) to have, and plenty of plants to nurture together.

Great for: Ages 5 and up

Price: $29.99


D is for Dependable


Some of our longest standing and most dependable pals are our furry friends! The I Love You Through and Through Board Book and Teddy Bear illustrate the different emotions a little one can feel and demonstrate unconditional love. This is always important to know but especially for that babies and toddler stage.

The Teddy Bear comes in small-hands-friendly sizes, paving the way for a dependable unconditional friendship.

Good for: 8-36 months

Price: $11 (down from $14.99)



I’ll leave you with a quote about friendship from one of my favorite children’s books:

“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.”

E.B. White Charlotte’s Web


What’s your best memories you have with your best friend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!




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