Draftmark Tap System – Fresh Draught Beer at Home BzzAgent Review


About Draftmark Tap System:
Draftmark is a high-end, affordable home draft system that offers beer drinkers a true draft beer experience.

There’s nothing better than cold, fresh draught beer poured straight from the tap. Except cold, fresh draught beer poured straight from the personal tap system in your fridge. The Draftmark tap system is an entirely new way to enjoy the experience of your favorite draught beers, right from your personal draught system.

Just place the home draught system in your fridge, insert a 3.8 liter (128 oz.) refill bottle of great-tasting varieties like Budweiser, Shock Top Belgian White, Goose Island Honker’s Ale, Michelob Amber Bock or Bass Pale Ale and always have a chilled, relaxed evening on tap.

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Visit Draftmark’s website. Use the store locator to find the nearest store near you. “Like” Draftmark on Facebook.

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My Draftmark Tap System – Fresh Draught Beer at Home BzzAgent Review:

Okay, so I was pretty excited to try out the Draftmark Tap System so when I got the opportunity to try it out I accepted right away. I just want to remind my readers that you must be 21+ to drink. So with that being said, there is nothing more relaxing than drinking a nice, fresh cold glass of tap beer at home.

We had a BBQ one day and I decided to take out the Draftmark Tap System to show it off to our guests. My sister bought the Budweiser refill and we assembled it together. There were some good and some bad with this product. I’ll start off with the good first then the bad.

The good:
It was super easy to assemble together. The instructions are very clear and straight forward. It’s practically idiot proof. All you have to do is charge up the batter for a good 4-6 hours while your beer is in the fridge chilling. Once your battery is all charged up… pop it in, in the back of the system. Open up the system and place your chilled beer inside turning until it is in the locked position. Then close the system making sure that it is shut tight. Take a chilled glass and pour yourself a nice fresh cold glass of draft tapped beer. And enjoy! Simple right? I thought so too.

It doesn’t take up a lot of room in the fridge. It fits nicely in there. Which is nice because I don’t have a big fridge.

The bad:
It takes a while to fill the glass up. I don’t think it’s supposed to be this slow. The first glass I poured was fine but the 2nd, 3rd and so on the beer didn’t come out as quickly as the 1st. So I thought to myself maybe I did something wrong like putting the refill in wrong. So I went back to the instructions and redid everything but this time I doubled checked everything, making sure that I did it exactly how it said in the instructions. After redoing everything I poured myself another glass and well I still had the same problem. The beer was coming out slowly and after a short time it would just trickle out. Not sure if this is a defective system but it irritated me.

Although, Draftmark Tap System is available in my area there are very little choices offered. I would of liked to have a nice variety in choice of beer.

The price for the system alone is pretty expensive, any where from $49.99-$69.99. Then the refills are almost the same price as a 12 pack. $13.99-$15.99. I think the refills should be a little cheaper considering that some people wouldn’t want to pay for the system AND the beer. They’d rather just stick with buying a 12 pack. It’s cheaper for them. So some kind of incentive should be offered with the Draft Tap System.

My uncle enjoying a cold one. Fascinated with Draftmarks Tap System.
My uncle enjoying a cold one. Fascinated with Draftmarks Tap System.

Overall, I like it. 4 out of 5 stars because of the price. I think that the refills should be at a lower price than the 12 pack of bottles or cans and because of how slow it comes out. I do also have to add in again that there should be more of a variety of choices. I think if there were a big variety of choices more people would probably buy the system.


Here is a little advice from the Draftmark website:

THE PERFECTLY POURED DRAUGHT BEER – Takes a skilled hand, but it’s actually much easier than it looks — follow these simple steps and pour like a pro every time:

  • Hold the glass at a 60 degree angle
  • The spout should begin about one inch from the inside of the beer glass, and shouldn’t touch the glass or beer
  • If beer in the glass touches the spout while pouring, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth
  • Pull the tap open completely in one smooth, quick motion (this keeps Draftmark from pouring foamy)
  • Tilt the glass to straight as it fills
  • Close the tap in one smooth, quick motion to prevent excess foam


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