Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetic Tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos are exploding onto the mainstream beauty industry. You probably have heard of microblading eyebrows, which have become a common occurrence to many who hope to keep those perfect eyebrows intact all day, every day. However, cosmetic tattoos do not stop there. Artists are inking, freckles, lips, and much more. So, if you are looking to upgrade your make-up routine to something a little more permanent, this blog will guide you through everything you need to know before the ink hits your skin. However, remember to consult a beautician before you make any decisions.


Freckles are a recent trend in the beauty world, with many people opting to add freckles into their routine with brow pencil since a freckle will make you look cute and unique. However, if you find yourself loving the look of freckles on your skin, you can upgrade to a semi-permanent freckle tattoo. You might find that some artists are reluctant to add freckles because they feel they cannot achieve a natural fade with the tattoo gun, but what freckles actually fade naturally anyway?

Many people choose freckles as it gives them a youthful look, reminding them of their freckled faces when they were young. However, remember that freckled tattoos can fade relatively quickly since they have more sun exposure, and skincare products can cause them to fade. This being so, be warned that they are challenging to maintain, so you may be paying for regular touch-ups.


Lip tattooing is fast becoming a popular treatment. A cosmetic lip tattoo can come in all shapes and forms, from blushing to the liner. The tattoo is simply a wash of clear color across the lip with results looking like a just bitten or blurred lip. However, these can vary depending on your wishes and needs.

Lips are one of the more painful cosmetic tattoos and are reserved for higher pain thresholds. The color will last around a year, only after several touch-ups. Those looking for a lip tattoo should check any allergen advice before deciding to commit since many people can react to the red dye in lip shades. Consult a professional cosmetic artist before you decide to get your lips tattooed; artistry and knowledge of how it is done will result in a much better outcome.

Eye Brows

Everyone will have heard of microblading, which is used to fill out your brow to give you a broader bushier look. The modern technique uses individual strokes that look like individual hairs, thus creating a more natural look.

If filling in your eyebrows is a crucial part of your routine, this might be a cosmetic tattoo for you. Microblading also fades over time, so you will need to go in for touch-ups after a while. However, this being said, this technique is incredibly effective. Always make sure your technician uses proper care when administering your tattoo to avoid the potential risk of infection and keep up with aftercare.

If you’ve gotten any cosmetic tattoos done, what have you gotten done and how do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!



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