No More Socks – Wearable Gifts People Actually Want For Xmas

Look, I’ve not got anything against socks as a gift. I’m sometimes even pleased to receive them myself. It’s just that after years of giving and getting them, I can’t help thinking… Are there other wearable gifts that people want for Christmas more? Well, there are, and you can find four of the beast below.


Yes, it’s still in the same region as socks, but I’ve found that shoes can be a much better gift. First of all, a really good pair of shoes can be expensive and something that an individual may not have the funds to treat themselves to. This of course makes them a great option as a gift.

Although, when buying shoes for someone else, it is important that you do your ground world. This means checking on their size, the style they would like, and the colors they would wear. Be sure to get a gift receipt too, just in case you didn’t quite hit the mark.

Silk scarves

What is a more luxurious gift at Xmas time than a beautiful silk scarf? They are breathable, yet keep the cold out, and are even better for the skin than synthetic fabrics!

Well, perhaps the only thing more luxurious are custom silk scarves that you have designed yourself with the recipient in mind. Yep, you can find a wonderfully festive image and have it printed onto a scarf of your choice for a gift that the recipient will adore, and treasure for years to come.

Nice pajamas/loungewear

Now you may think that pajamas/loungewear are another boring gift that everyone gets at Christmas time. However, they are practical, and there are some tactics you can use to make things more interesting.

Of course one of these is to invest in something more romantic than practical for your other half. A gift that will keep on giving. Alternatively, if you’re buying for someone else, try to approach things from a novel perspective. A fun, fleecy onesie or slanket could be a great choice here, or for the whole family matching Xmas pajamas!

Exercise kit

Have you noticed how expensive, good exercise kits can be these days? Of course, because such things tend to be on the pricier side, they do make good gifts for the gym-obsessed person in your life.

In particular, workout footwear is a good gift suggestion. Although, if you do go for garments be sure to check their features. Look for things like invisible seams that don’t rub, even on a long run or workout, as well as sweat-wicking materials that will keep the recipient cool and dry.

A winter coat

There is no wearable gift more suited to becoming a Xmas present than a good winter coat. Although, it is important to balance practicality with aesthetics here. Indeed, where possible, going for a more luxurious option like faux fur for the ladies, or a woolen pea coat for the guys is best, as they are likely to make more of a splash when they open them, Xmas day.

What other wearable gifts would you give? Let me know in the comments below!



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