How to Start a Lifestyle Blog and Make Money from Home

Why start a lifestyle blog? This is likely one of the most frequently asked questions with the current lifestyle change and the need to find ways to make money while at home. Several lifestyle bloggers are making between $1000 and $3000 from their blogs, and you can earn some extra income too. It requires a lot of hard work and commitment, but with the right foundation and consistency, you should begin making some good income while at home. Ready to know how? Follow these tips.

Choose the right niche

Despite the widespread perception that you don’t need to select a niche when beginning a lifestyle blog, that shouldn’t be the case. A successful lifestyle blog requires understanding the topics you are going to cover. Keep two people in mind; yourself and your audience. Several bloggers find themselves scrambling for stuff to write about or can’t seem to give their audience a good reason to visit their blog. Even if you intend to write over 100 topics, start with 2-3 to build a strong foundation based on your interests and what you’re good at.

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Get a suitable name to suit your lifestyle blog.

Picking a suitable name is a crucial step for a lifestyle blog. A good domain name should be easy to remember and shared among friends and loved ones. As challenging as this may be, finding the right name could be as easy as building a keyword list, seed words, and ideas. Keep it unique and easy to say and spell while offering a hint of your topic. Fortunately, there are several online resources to help you generate a catchy domain name.

Select the right theme

As important as your writing skills and content are towards your blogging’s success, your website theme is also important. Although it’s often overlooked, your website theme should convey a visual message of your blogging. Is your blog about photography, cooking, or homesteading? Find a suitable theme to match your content. Spend time to analyze the various designs available and find the most appropriate for the website. You may consider exploring a web hosting platform like WordPress with a rich collection of themes to get you started on the flyer.


This is probably the most exciting part you’ve been waiting for – turning your content into good cash. Fortunately, there are several ways to monetize your blog. For a lifestyle niche, here are some practical ways to make money from your blog.

  • Sponsored posts: this is best suited for blogs with a much larger audience. It requires creating an advertising page to post blogs from the publishers.
  • Affiliate marketing: this is one of the ideal ways to make money blogging by promoting another person’s product. Even for beginners, you don’t have to wait forever. All you do is sign up for an affiliate program and get links to include in your blog posts.
  • Sell custom ads: instead of signing up for other advertisers, why not find your own clients and sell your blog ads space. This may require a little bit of work, yet it’s most lucrative since you can negotiate directly with interested clients.

Starting a successful lifestyle blog requires a bit of patience and work. Nobody has had a perfect start but choosing the right niche means doing something you love and continue until you hit the gold mine. Would you rather wait?

If you started a lifestyle blog, what niche did you go for? Let me know in the comments below!



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