Wonderful Treats For Those Wonderful Dinner Parties

If you are holding a dinner party and are in need of some amazing meal ideas then look no further. Here you will find brilliant, quick, and easy meals that will leave your guests feeling full and satisfied. If you need some inspiration then take a look below to find out more.


Prawns are one of those dishes that can have so much variety. You could offer your guests a prawn cocktail which consists of layered prawns on a bed of lettuce. You then add a sauce on top, this is traditionally served in a cocktail glass, hence the name. Alternatively, you could craft some prawns in breadcrumbs. These go well with a sweet chili dip that you can serve alongside. Use something like panko breadcrumbs if you are making breaded prawns as these hold best when placed in the oil. \


A main dish that is often loved at dinner parties is chili. This is something that can be served in small individual pots or made as a large dish for people to help themselves too. It is common for chili to be served on themed nights, such as Mexican. Your guests will love whichever way you serve it. To make it taste even more amazing you could think about adding in some tortilla chips and feta cheese. Chili is commonly served with rice so make sure that is available to your guests as well.


If you are wanting to do something informal for your guests then there really is nothing better than a BBQ on a warm spring day. With the warmer weather fast approaching and Spring being just around the corner you might be trying to organize your next get-together. A BBQ is a fantastic way to mingle with your guests and it doesn’t take long to cook once you get it started. Make sure you are offering a great variety of meat and meat-free options to your guests. You can also serve dips and salads alongside these.

Mardi Gras King Cake

If you are welcoming Easter then you might opt for a traditional Mardi Gras cake. This is a sweet, brioche style cinnamon roll that will normally have a tiny toy hidden inside. The person who gets this when it is served will traditionally host next year’s party. If you have never made one of these before then there are many recipes online. Take a look at how to make a mardi gras cake, be sure to find a tried and tested one so you can impress your guests with those culinary skills.

Melting Chocolate Pudding

Finally, who doesn’t love chocolate? If you are looking for the ultimate sweet treat to serve as a dessert for your dinner party then look no more. Here you have a melting chocolate pudding that will leave your guests wanting more. It has a solid outer shell but when you break into it, it looks like chocolate lava pooling out of it. Serve this with ice cream, cream, or custard depending on what everybody’s preference is.

What other ideas do you have for hosting a dinner party? Let me know in the comments below!



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