Review Sites For Bloggers

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Disclosure: This post does contain referral links.

Review Sites For Bloggers

As part of my Blogging 101 series, I’m going to list some of the sites I use where I get my products from. Most likely if you’re reading this you’ve either recently started a blog or recently decided that you want to start reviewing products (or maybe it’s for some other reason). Either way welcome!! I’m glad to have you here!

I’d like to point out that no matter what your blog niche is (beauty blogger, food blogger or mommy/daddy blogger), there are companies out there who are looking for you to review their products on your blog and some companies may even compensate you for your reviews.

With that being said, I’d like to also point out and let you know that there are some prerequisites that some companies may look at in deciding if you’re a good fit to let you review their products:

  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Followers
  • Email Subscribers
  • Alexa Rank (your rankings on the world wide web)
  • Klout Score

While some companies will look at those criterias other companies may be more lenient when it comes to deciding if they want you to review their product or not. So keep that in mind.

Here are some of the sites that I use to get my products from. Some of these sites may require you to post a review on your blog and/or may require you to fill out a short survey after you’ve tested the product out. This is a good list to start with if you want to become a product reviewer, sponsored posts and make some money:

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BzzAgent – This is the site that I used when I first started reviewing products. BzzAgent is one of the leading “word of mouth” marketing sites. Meaning that they send you products to test and you promote that product by telling others about it by using your social media networking sites as well as in person. Once you’ve joined a campaign and you’ve tested out the product you log back into BzzAgent and you report back with how many people you’ve told about the product and what their response along with your opinion of the product. Each thing you report back with earns you a BzzScore. The higher your score is, the better the products will be for you to review. They also have short surveys for you to fill out. Some of these surveys also helps your BzzScore and give you points that are redeemable on the website MyPoints, which is a site where you collect points and cash them in for gift cards. Be sure to check back often on BzzAgent and do the surveys they have for you because these surveys help BzzAgent connect you with products that is right for you. The more you review, the more campaigns you’ll be able to join!

Influenster – Influenster is a site where they send you what they call VoxBoxes. These VoxBoxes may have one specific product in it or a box full of different products to test. Most VoxBoxes have themes. For example, your VoxBox theme may be all about being a mom so therefore inside the VoxBox you may have products that are geared towards being a mom. Products could be something for moms to wind down in the evening, for relaxations or something to make her feel pretty. Sometimes they have what they call Virtual Boxes. These Virtual Boxes are tasks that you complete online. For example, they’ve done an Ebay Virtual Box where you earn a Ebay gift card for writing guides on Ebay’s website. To be considered for a VoxBox, you take surveys and complete badges. Check out my Influenster post for a more in depth review of the site.

Smiley360 – Smiley360 is another “word of mouth” site. In order for you to qualify for one of their campaigns you take a pre-qualification survey or fill out an application to be considered for the campaign. This is another site where you can earn points by how active you are and how much of the product survey you fill out. Some of the tasks that you may do depends on the product you are testing out. It can vary from social posts to short reviews on the products sites to posting on your blog.

Purex Insiders – Purex Insiders is an amazing site that sends you some amazing products, not just from the Purex brands but other brands that are associated with them as well. Along with the products, they send you coupons to giveaway on your blog, social media sites or to your family and friends. This is one of the sites that you will need a blog for. They will ask you to write your review and post it to your blog and report your link to them. Under each promotion they explain the different tasks you can do, which are optional but doing them earns you points. The more you do, the better the chances are that you’ll get picked for more promotions. Once the promotion is done and you’ve completed your tasks, you are entered into the Social Insiders Only Giveaway. You can win some awesome items such as gift cards and/or a year supply of Purex products.

BrandBacker – BrandBacker is geared more towards fashion and/or beauty bloggers. They connect you to companies that are looking for product reviews and/or host a giveaway. This site requires you to blog your reviews and/or vlog your reviews, meaning post a video review on Youtube.

Tomoson – Tomoson is a place where bloggers can find companies who are in need of bloggers to review their products. You can get lots of great products of this site. You can apply for products based on prerequisites. Before applying for a product, each product page will show you what prerequisites or requirements you will need in order to apply to review that product. This is so you don’t waste your time filling out the application and getting denied. This site also offer opportunities that you can get paid for. A lot of the promotions on Tomoson also have giveaways that you can host on your blog. This is one site that does require you to post on your blog and your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. After you’ve been approved for a promotion you have 35 days after receiving the product to report back.

There are many, many more sites (which I’ll post later) out there that you can use/sign up for but these are the ones that I highly recommend, especially if you are just starting out. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with reviews off bat. So check out those sites, sign up if you like them and start reviewing products.

Good luck and happy blogging!!

Is there any other websites that offers product testing and sponsored post for bloggers not on my list? Please do share in comments!

Disclosure: This post does contain referral links.


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