[Influenster Review] DenTek Comfort Clean and Fun Flashers

In case you missed my post on the un-boxing here is a picture of everything that was inside of my Mom VoxBox 2012 box. Check out my un-boxing post for my video.

DenTek Comfort Clean and Fun Flashers
$1.99 – $2.99 for full packs

Facts about DenTek Comfort Clean & Fun Flashers:

Fun Flossers – Encourage healthy oral hygiene habits at an early age with DenTek Fun Flossers. Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit into kids’ hands and easily reach all teeth. Fun shapes and colors make flossing fun!

Comfort Clean – Flossing doesn’t have to be a hassle with DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks. The thin, silky floss slides comfortably between tight teeth and sensitive gums, the unique tongue scraper freshens breath, and the textured pick deep cleans between teeth.

Where to Buy
Our products are available at all major drug and super centers, and some food outlets. For more where to buy information visit DenTek’s website.

My Review:

I absolutely love these DenTek flosses. They are convenient, effective and very comfortable. They are extremely handy especially if you need to do a quick floss after eating. You can easily keep them in your purse (which I do), diaper bags, make-up bag, backpack, desk and car (just to name a few).

I think its a great way to help kids floss their teeth. Its very easy for them and you’ll probably hear a lot less fussing from them as well. For the adults you have fresh mint flavor and for the kids you have wild fruit flavor which is great cause then the kids won’t complain. These are definitely keepers and we’ll be buying more.


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