Dentyne Ice – New Split2Fit Packs BzzAgent Review

About the Dentyne Ice Split2Fit pacts:
The new Dentyne Ice Split2Fit pacts offer 33% more gum (from 12-16 pieces) than before. It is easily designed to split into 2 sleek packs of gum that will fit almost anywhere; shirt pocket, clutch purse, skinny jeans, fanny pack, backpacks, etc… pretty much anywhere you can think of.

In my BzzKit I got:
– Two (2) packs of Dentyne Ice Split2Fit (48 pieces a pack)
– Official BzzGuide

My Dentyne Ice – New Split2Fit Packs BzzAgent Review:

So when I got invited to join this campaign I got excited because I love gum. I chew gum all the time. 🙂 Inside my BzzKit there were two (2), 3 count packs of the new Dentyne Ice Split2Fit packs of gum that had 16 pieces of gum per pack, so a total of 48 pieces per 3 count pack. Whoa!! 48 pieces of gum times 2…. That’s a lot of gum!! The flavors that came in each of the packs were Spearmint, Arctic Chill and Peppermint. It also comes in Cinnamon and Mint Frost. My favorite flavor is the Spearmint. I didn’t care to much for the Artic Chill and the Peppermint.

What I love about this new Split2Fit Dentyne ice is that I can easily slip a pack of gum in my back pocket of my jeans or my purse. I hate carrying around a big bulky packs of gum. My daughter was super excited to see that we got gum in the mail. She watched me open the packaged and her eyes to super big. She said mom, can I have all those gums. I said no hunny but we can split a pack and so I had her pick a pack of gum that she’d like and she choose the Artic Chill. We split the pack and she quickly went to put it in her little purse we got her. So cute. My daughter was like look mom it can fit in my purse, now I can bring it with me every where. My husband loves the idea of a slim pack of gum. He said he’s never seen anything like it and that it was pretty cool that you can put it in just about any where you can think of. 

Easy steps to practice safe breath with Dentyne Ice Split2Fit gum.

Step 1: Open the pack.

Step 2: Split the pack.

Step 3: Keep one for yourself.

Step 4: Give one to a friend.

So remember to Practice Safe Breath with the new Split2Fit Dentyne Ice gum and if you have a friend that doesn’t Practice Safe Breath split a pack between you and them. 😉

Let me know what your favorite flavor is or where you like!

Visit to learn more about Split2Fit packs and the whole Dentyne line. Also catch them on TwitterFacebook and YouTube.


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