Buying Gifts For Those Hard To Please Individuals

Gift buying can often be a challenge. You want to get the perfect gift for someone, but you are never quite sure if you are going to hit the mark. Some people can be quite hard to buy for. There are people that will say that they don’t want anything, or that there is nothing that they need. But, not buying them a gift shouldn’t be an option. You will no doubt want to get them something regardless of what they say.

There are also the people who you buy a gift for and you can just tell that you didn’t get it right. Whether they are polite about it or not, it can still be quite a kick when you get it wrong, and you will no doubt be annoyed with yourself for not knowing their tastes and for disappointing yourself.

So, if you are really struggling with what to get for those difficult to buy for individuals, here are some great gift ideas.

A Humorous T-shirt

Find a T-shirt that matches their sense of humor or taste in music, films, or that even has a joke that they will find really funny. There are lots of great T-shirts that can really appeal to many people’s tastes. (Check out: for some great examples) Just make sure and get the right size.

An Experience

If you are worried that whatever gift you buy someone will just end up getting hidden away in their drawers never to be seen again, then buy them something that they can experience instead. Think about a gift such as a hot air balloon ride, or a drive in a Formula 1 racing car, or even a tasting menu in a top restaurant. Sometimes letting them do something that they will really love is the way to go in getting the right gifts.

Buy Them A Gift Of A New Hobby

A great gift is something that they will use over and over again and will be able to take further. Buying a present that can be used to kick start a new hobby is a great idea. Make sure that you get it right though, or it won’t get used at all. For example, for someone that enjoys music and possibly plays some instruments, by them a ukelele if they have never played one. Learning to play them can be quite quick, and they may get hooked.


You really can’t go wrong with buying someone a gadget. There are lots of different gadgets out there to choose from that will suit lots of different people’s lifestyles. These will include things like Fitbits, drones, action cams that can be attached to anything, right through to tablets and laptops. Think of getting something that is fairly versatile that they can maybe use in conjunction with one of their hobbies, or that they can even use to help them with their work or studies.

What gifts do you buy for those who are hard to please? Let me know in the comments below!



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