8 Personal Gifts That Show Someone You Care

Anyone can buy someone a gift, but getting the right gift shows someone you care about them. Finding a personal present can demonstrate that you value them as a loved one, friend, or relative, and you have put a lot of thought into getting something that will make them smile. This isn’t always straightforward, and nor should it be. But to give you a helping hand, here are eight ideas for a personal gift. You just need to figure out which one your recipient would love the most.

1. Personalized Jewelry

If you have enough cash, you can get someone as much gold and diamond as they would ever need. However, the selection process is about showing that you know their likes and dislikes and not how much spare money you have. Don’t get anything flashy if your friend is always very understated. Remember you are shopping for them and not for you. Engraving with a sentimental phrase can be a lovely way to personalize the item. Another great idea is a Coordinates Bracelet. This subtly hints at how special it is by reminding the wearer of a place that is dear to both your hearts. Whether it is the coordinates of the first flat you shared, or the place you met, or the place you proposed, this is an excellent gift that helps you to treasure those magical memories.

2. Animal Adoption

Everyone has a favorite animal. Animal adoption in someone else’s name shows them you know the animal that they love the most or think is the cutest. The great thing about adopting an animal is that it also genuinely does some good for the world. However, it is vital that you do some thorough research and only adopt from a genuine charity that is helping to prevent animal extinction or habitat loss.

3. Eco-Fashion

If you are buying a gift for someone that loves the planet and the natural world, then eco-fashion may be the way to go. Numerous sustainable fashion brands are catering to all types of clothes and styles. If you have a good eye and you think you can pick something that your relative, friend, or partner will love, then have a look and see if you can also buy something that considers their beliefs too. Remember fashion choices can be highly personal, so try to pick for their taste. Choosing an eco-fashion brand demonstrates that you value their ethics and outlook on the world.

4. Quality Time

Quality time might sound a bit cheesy, but if you both live hectic lives, then this might be the best present you can give. Whether it is treating them to a meal at a favorite restaurant, going on a road trip, or even just setting aside time for a glass of wine and a proper catch-up, time dedicated to building the relationship and reminiscing is not a bad choice. Remember gifts don’t have to break the bank, so if your budget is stretched, think about a creative way you can spend time together. Maybe you can rent a film you watched together years ago, or take a trip to a location you both used to love. Quality time is about giving space and time, not about splashing the cash.

5. Stationery

Stationery can be very dull if it is just a box of biros for use in the office. But it can also be spectacularly fun. If your friend loves organization and tidiness, then chances are they will appreciate an elegantly designed piece of stationery that has been personalized just for them. You can make it personal by getting it engraved with their initials or a quote that means something to you both.

6. Treatments

Beauty treatments are a brilliant gift for someone who might find it hard to give themselves time to chill and relax. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they would enjoy most and not necessarily what you think they need. You might love a full body massage to ease out tension, but if your friend is sensitive about their body or doesn’t like being touched then this isn’t a great choice. Try to choose something they will enjoy. If you want, treat yourself as well and combine treatments with quality time, to double the gifting joy!

7. Charity Donation

Much like animal adoption and eco-fashion, this shows someone you care about what they believe in, and you want to support them. Try to find a cause that may be close to their hearts but be careful as you do not want to conjure up painful memories or raw emotions. Think carefully about donating in someone else’s name and only do so if you feel confident they would be happy to be contacted by the charity in the future, and it won’t bring up past trauma in a painful way. However, if you get this right, you can show that you care for someone deeply and you know what they are passionate about.

8. Home Baking

Have you got a secret recipe that your friend loves? Then why not dig out the big spoon and wooden bowl and get baking. Home baking is a cost-effective gift, but the love comes from the effort you put in. Taking time to perfect the recipe and create a tasty treat just for them, is an ideal way to show you know what they love. You can try to individualize it either by decorating the cake in a personal way or by adding in extra ingredients that always make your friends lick their lips. There are a plethora of recipes out there to try, so don’t be put off if you haven’t baked before. As long as you have the basic tools, you can give it a go. Give yourself some time though, so that if it is a disaster you can always purchase something else as a backup gift.

Finally, remember a gift is as much about anticipation as it is about the actual gift itself. Try to think of a creative way to present your gift and make sure that you keep the present a secret so that the surprise is even better.

What other personalized gifts would you get for someone you care about? Let me know in the comments below!



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